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TV Review: DOMINION: Season 1, Episode 7: Ouroboros [Syfy]

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Syfys Dominion Ouroboros TV Show Review. Dominion: Season 1, Episode 7: Ouroboros wets our insatiable appetite for the dark and sets the groundwork for a complex game that is just spinning into second gear. With the season past the halfway point, it feels like we are finally delving deeper into this vastly complex tale.

Archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom), appears before us in his battle gear, with a sea of corpses for his backdrop. Even bathed in blood, his angular features catch our attention. His appearance is brief and he leaves us with a dramatic question mark. Gabriel (Carl Beukes), proving to be every bit the able strategist, tests his possession abilities on poor Louis, one of the higher angels hiding in Vega. His devilish performance is very entertaining and reminiscent of a British villain from an early 70’s James Bond film.

Alex Lannon (Christopher Egan)with Michael supervising painfully finds out there’s no business like soul business. We’ve apparently come a long way since the failed eviction in the vault. What we have learned is Alex, the reluctant savior, is getting very frustrated with all of these failed evictions. His banter with Michael is growing with sarcasm and disrespect. Maybe a little time apart is the remedy for the understudy. If his recent frustration felt more like he felt such because he failed the lost souls rather than he failed himself, maybe we could sympathize with him more. He is beginning to lose his soul and may not graduate to full time savior status after all.

Senator David Whele (Anthony Stewart Head), still weakened from his crushing awakening, confirms to his son, William Whele (Luke Allen-Gale) thathe will never join Gabriel’s team. With their roles flipped, David sees the current predicament as a clear case of revenge on his son’s part. He greets this challenge with an animated eloquence that brings new meaning to resistance.

Claire Riesen (Roxanne McKee), still power drunk from her last encounter with her father, lets young William know she is ready to strut down the isle sooner than later. Though his response is alarming, we are more focused on the chilling look she gives him as she makes her case. Her demeanor tells us she sees her future pregnant with possibilities and will stop at nothing to see these new goals met. Her recent shift in attitude and motivation has left her stationed on the soap opera ranch. I’m wondering when she’s going to come back.

Alex Lannon, showing off his unique tats, shows Sgt. Noma Walker (Kim Engelbrecht) that even though he is the savior, he is not beyond a raunchy shower every now and then. This amicable arrangement between them suggests the flames from their past romance are still burning. We must make a note that it wasn’t that long ago Alex was prepared to marry Claire. Between Michael’s orgies and Alex becoming a playboy, will any relationships last in this ever-evolving den of iniquity?

Becca Thorn (Rosalind Halstead), has her peaceful morning jog ruined by a chilling discovery. Gabriel’s possession of some of the hiding neutral angels in Vega has ended in their death. His plan seems to be taking perfect shape as Michael arrives on the scene baffled. After probing Alex, Michael sends him on a mission that lands him in a face to face with Gabriel.

David finds himself escaping a nursing bed only to end up in the Lion’s den…literally! Young William takes this opportunity to explain the legend of Oroburos to him. The lecture was intended to get his father to see the light. Unfortunately, William ends up with a cool Lion throw rug and a zombie for a father. Not sure where this is going. This conversion could kill David’s character. Funny thing is, no one seems to notice he is missing.

It appears the Stratosphere is the place to be. After a cleverly woven crimson trail is set, it’s disappointing to find out it leads to what amounts to a schoolyard tattletale. Gabriel, while occupying the body of Louis, finally gets to meet and chat with Alex. While doing so, he invites Noma to the party and it is revealed that she is also an angel. In storytelling, great things are usually unveiled atop a precipice…when Michael joins the party we now understand Gabriel’s plan. Which is basically to plant the seed of doubt in what Michael’s true motives are for mankind. This scene sails beyond the point of interest and has entirely too much dialogue. While wrapping it all up, the writer attempts to throw the story of Genesis and poor Noah and his ark under the bus. Even Lucifer would be proud of how this chaos is all unfolding.

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