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TV Review: DOMINION: Season 1, Episode 8: Beware Those Closest to You

Alex Gabriel Dominion Beware Those Closest to You

Syfys Dominion Beware Those Closest to You TV Show Review. Dominion: Season 1, Episode 8: Beware Those Closest to You arrives with much more than just a warning. Usually a final episode of a season will take everything you have seen thus far and wrap it up so tight that you can’t imagine any other possible ending. It should also clear up any question marks and leave us room to praise the show and performances.

In what was supposed to be an explosive opening, Alex Lannon (Christopher Egan) interrupts Senator David Whele (Anthony Stewart Head), while in the middle of a senate hearing. Before he can make his case he is confronted by General Edward Riesen (Alan Dale), for his rude entrance. If this awkward dilemma doesn’t throw you a curve ball what follows just may. Alex’s purpose is to alert the senate that Michael has not only been hiding higher angels in Vega but that he has a history for killing humans as well.

After witnessing what could be considered a major breach of trust, Becca Thorn (Rosalind Halstead) arrives at Archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) penthouse suite. She tells him about the bomb Alex dropped on the senate floor and that a hearing to remove him may begin. Michael, who at first appears to be swimming in uncharted oceans of thought, responds by asking her to look after Louis, the higher angel compromised by Gabriel in the last episode. To complicate matters even more, Michael decides to assault Alex in the marketplace, with a number of onlookers around. He then flies away before guards can arrest him.

William Whele (Luke Allen-Gale) and his father David Whele, have an interesting small scene together. In a stunning turn of events, we witness young William addressing his fellow acolytes…with David standing in the front row. The same man who swore he would never worship Gabriel seems to have had a very unexpected change of heart.

Alex drops in on Claire Riesen (Roxanne McKee), who is in her wedding dress. While praising Alex for what he did at the senate, she makes little of his attempts to help by conducting the evictions. She also blames her father for her not leaving Vega with Alex early on. Alex questions her motivations and rightfully so. This is the woman who in the first episode told Alex she would follow him anywhere…now all of the sudden she is concerned with the big picture. We are quickly reminded she did use an uncharacteristic power move forcing her own father to step down…or else. She still hasn’t blinked after that episode and has given us enough fluff to make a room full of pillows.

General Edward Riesen finds out that Arika (Shivani Ghai) moves very quick on a plan. After a group of women from Helana solemnly deliver a box with a gift in it, Edward tells Arika how courageous she is, after finding out Evelyn’s head is in the box. Not long after, Arika is paid a visit by Uriel (Katrine De Candole), who has been her secret lover all this time. While they undress one another they explain blow by blow how they are going to defeat both Michael and Gabriel. We also find out Arika is actually Evelyn.

Alex and Michael meet outside Vega and we find out they have been faking the rift between them so they can go after Gabriel. This plans seems very shaky, especially considering Michael knows his brother can possess higher angels and hear thoughts. Michael then decides to tell Alex why he killed humans before and drops in a bit about how Uriel and Gabriel had been trying to stop his killing spree for decades. Noma Walker (Kim Engelbrecht) crashes their party and she tries to explain her position to Alex while Michael flies off to help push the plan forward.

Back in Vega, General Riesen, casually announces his plan to leave town to Becca. Uriel gets to finally meet Claire and after a brief introduction she shares the confirmation with Arika that Claire is with child. Then, like a scene out of Dynasty, she tells her lover her full elaborate plan.

Gabriel (Carl Beukes), after exposing Michael and Alex’s simple plan and taking Noma hostage, surrenders himself to Vega. This move allows him to tell Claire he knows she is with child and he knows “Desert Sage” is her favorite flower. He also informs Alex Claire is having his baby.

Michael, after being easily manipulated by Gabriel, ends up snapping Becca’s neck after finding the results of her experiments. During this raw moment, he and Alex square off and the confrontation ends with Michael bleeding before making a hasty exit.

Back in Vega, William finds out the hard way eavesdropping is bad for your health. After telling Claire he overheard her chat with Alex, he gives her Desert Sage. Somehow, she pulls everything together and has him arrested. Her hasty actions cause David to cover his tracks with a fiery last meeting with the acolytes. He then quickly takes William on a drive outside the city and introduces him to his exile with a hug.

While wrapping up the season, Claire gets a letter from Alex. We then get to watch him climb the hill that leads to Gabriel’s lair with apish agility. This finale’ introduces so many plots and resolves some of them with a lot of dialogue and simplistic solutions. Not sure if we will see a seconds season but if we do…it should be interesting.

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