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TV Review: DOMINION: Season 2, Episode 4: A Bitter Truth [Syfy]

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Syfy’s Dominion A Bitter Truth TV Show Review. Dominion: Season 2, Episode 4: A Bitter Truth, wheels Alex (Christopher Egan), Noma (Kim Englebrecht), Michael (Tom Wisdom) and Gabriel (Carl Beukes) deeper into the web that is New Delphi. His welcome in New Delphi running thin, Alex takes a dangerous step in his hunt for Gabriel as he, Noma and Riesen (Alan Dale) uncover the truth behind Julian’s (Simon Merrells) origin. Claire (Roxanne McKee) and Gates (Nic Bishop) got toe-toe with a tenacious assassin as David (Anthony Head) attempts an alliance with the revolting V1’s. Following a turbulent reunion, Michael and Gabriel strike a deal to extract Alex from New Delphi, his fate far from determined.

For some reason Alex, or rather the writers have decided to pit him against Julian. The problem with this is Julian is a far superior actor and he has been upstaging everyone he is in a scene with. This guy can sell a scene. All of Alex’s weaknesses are exposed when they go back and forth. Alex even makes an attempt to get tough with Julian and it fails…not only in the story but in the scene as well. The concept of coming into another mans house and putting your feet on his coffee table won’t fly here. Julian knows Alex has nothing to threaten him with and he feel superior to him. Performance wise, Julian is doing a bang up job and is out acting just about everyone on the show. Story wise there are issues. The loud mouth villain who tells his enemies everything he is doing and thinking…then explains everything to them so they know how to defeat him – always falls hard. Julian is too smart to keep making speeches and telling it all. The writing is dumbing down his character. On top of this, the show is attempting to deliver so much information it feels like they are rushing or in a track meet. Flashbacks, new characters and a full court press…with how this season started off they should have learned it’s better to take your time and set everything up. You have to sell it before moving forward other wise it falls apart at the seams.

David has been through much in the last two episodes. None of it is as bad as having his guilt manifest William Whele (Luke Allen-Gale). This is an annoying play and takes the scenes where William is tormenting David off track. It also reminds us of how weak William’s role was when he was active on the show. His departure took some of the soap opera feel with him…now it has returned. This makes you wonder if the writing team and producers understood why they were in question of getting a second season in the first place. They are making the same mistake they made in the first season. The show is all over the place and with new characters. The message here would be, you have to sell what you have before trying to introduce a new item.

Claire and Gates. I’m really not sure where this little duo is headed. One thing is for sure, when the unwanted visitor makes it known he was following Claire, she immediately pulls out a pistol. She reminded me of a scene from Scarface. The evolution of Claire’s character continues to baffle me. Now it’s starting to feel like this Gates character will start to become more significant for some reason. He is hired help but for some reason he is becoming more than that. Well, having his workshop destroyed is clear indication he will need another place to say.   The bitter truth is, we are quickly headed into territory that got the show into trouble last season. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Michael and Gabriel agreeing to fight on the same side? Interesting play but they took so long to make the decision Alex could have already been killed in New Delphi. So much exposition truly kills a show, when will they learn? The first season stalled for the same reason. The other question now is, why is Michael entertaining working with Gabriel? He should know that after Claire bombed his lair he will want payback. He may cooperate now but Michael is smart enough to know this being cannot be trusted. There are so many loose ends or hanging threads that need to be resolved. Then again, I’m still trying to figure out why God picked so many British actors as higher angels.

The plot gets thinker and thicker. So Julian is a Dyad, half human half higher angel. Watching him act like a crack addict to get the Amphora was classic. I got a bigger kick out of Noma saying she had heard of Dyad’s before but never thought they existed. So are we to assume that rumors and long tales existed in heaven before they all came down to Earth? The dialogue continues to make these angels too much like humans that they are no longer special. We are left with Alex and Noma holding a valuable card. How will they play it?

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