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TV Review: FALLING SKIES: Season 2, Episode 1-2: Worlds Apart, Shall We Gather at the River

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Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 1-2 Worlds Apart, Shall We Gather at the River Review. Falling Skies: Season 2, Episode 1-2: Worlds Apart, Shall We Gather at the River gave the viewer something they had been craving all of last season: the aliens’ perspective on their invasion of Earth.

What was fascinating was how malevolent and unrepentant the alien (Overlord) was. Also, the dialogue was good, Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) asking why attack Earth instead of asking for what they wanted and the alien answering that what they wanted was never negotiable.

Karen (Jessy Schram) was as emotionless as Terminator Cameron from Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. That harness is some device and I am glad to see (from the previews) that more will be made of them this season.

Tom Mason being let go in Minnsota, having to walk for weeks then ride a motorcycle all the way back to the 2nd Mass in Boston was an effective plot point, especially with orphan Teresa whose bike he “borrows”.

The current and past intercutting of the episode Worlds Apart was good, effective, but Teresa (Laine MacNeil) leaving to go see the mountains after traveling hundreds of miles made no sense. Seeing the mountains alone in a world occupied by aliens was asinine. After you see the mountains, then what?

The sexual tension between Hal Mason (Drew Roy) and Margaret (Sarah Carter) is almost authentic and its obvious where that situation is going. My question is will writers Bradley Thompson, David Weddle, and Mark Verheiden release or have Karen escape from the aliens to add more drama into that situation.

Two of the best aspects of Falling Skies are the question marks and how real and down to earth the invasion and its aftermath are portrayed. The survivors and human refugees are in real neighborhoods, real towns. Added to that, the aliens’ overall plan has never even been hinted at. They have already conquered and enslaved one race and point out similar barbarism in humanities’ past. It’s hard to argue with the past, though historian Tom Mason tried but like he said before attacking an Overlord, the future is not written yet.

No one seems awed by all of the new abilities, strength, and resilience of Ben Mason (Connor Jessup) from his harnessing but perhaps that is another instance of realism on Falling Skies. Would you really be surprised at the appearance of a super soldier after your world had been invaded by aliens from another planet?

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