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TV Review: THE FLASH: Season 1, Episode 5: Plastique [The CW]

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The CW’s The Flash Plastique TV Show Review. The Flash: Season 1, Episode 5: Plastique takes us a few steps closer to seeing Barry (Grant Gustin) fully develop into the super hero we know he can be. We are also introduced to a new explosive character.

Five episodes in and we finally get to see Barry actually having fun with his new family. Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) join him for a night of darts, tequila shots and cold beer. Iris West (Candice Patton) and her boyfriend Eddie Thawe (Rick Cosnett) are also out with them having a great time. Now to be honest, after the episode with Felicity Smaok (Emily Bett Rickards) it’s hard to see Barry still hung up on Iris. High school is out. He even got to smooch Felicity before she returned to her own TV show. That’s pretty cool in my book. Then there is Iris. How is it a smart woman like this cannot see Barry is in love with her and even her father can? This is something for the show writers to think about. It was cute but the story lines are going to have to play grown up now.

The introduction to Plastique (Kelly Frye) was pretty smooth. There are many ways a character with such explosive talents can make an introduction. After getting caught breaking into the file room of the Veterans Affairs office, she gives a security guard the kiss off and almost blows up an entire floor. The Flash responds to the commotion contemplating how to save a window washer– who is hanging on for dear life on the side of the building the explosion erupted on. What we find out is The Flash can run so fast he can scale a tall building and rescue a full-grown man in seconds. Yes, that was most impressive. It was also very cool to see Cisco and Caitlin assist him. The best part about this setup happens when Iris enters the scene and sees the Flash in action. Now she has the proof she was looking for.

General Wade Eiling (Clancy Brown) is a character we will not soon forget. He is much more than just a pushy General; he has an active past with both Plastique and Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). I knew when this dangerous man came on the scene someone was bound to die. Having Barry get to save her from the General during his second encounter with her was clever. It appears Barry has a habit of getting very fond of people real quick. This is a nice trait and feeds into him being so trusting. Bringing Plastique back to the S.T.A.R.S. lab so the team can run some tests on her posed an interesting question. This character is very powerful and is actually a good woman, but because of her disposition she is far too dangerous to become part of their team. To me this meant this woman was to remain a lone Samurai…going around trying to kill the people who turned her into this abomination.

In the middle of Barry and team dealing with this new character and General, Iris is building up steam with her blog about The Flash. I like the fact that Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) wants Barry to try and stop her for her own safety. When Joe reveals he knows that Barry is in love with iris, this takes their relationship to another level. If anything, Joe would actually love to see Iris and Barry together. We know this can never happen of course but it creates good tension. After basically begging iris to stop writing the piece, he decides that they need to take a break from their friendship. I’m not sure this was a good move. Iris chose the article over her friendship with Barry. He has know her since they were kids and should know after this woman goes after something she is not going to back down. I guess this little break will give Barry time to assess his relationship with iris…what’s realistic and what’s not. In the meantime the way he disguises his voice from iris as the Flash is pretty nifty. Who would have known you could make the vocal chords vibrate that fast to change your voice. Maybe Barry can get Clancy Brown (who is the voice of Mister Crabs on Spongebob Squarepants) to get him some voice over work.

The episode starts off with narration about friendship and the irony here is Barry’s relationship ends with Plastique after a final encounter with the General. The thing to note here…is Dr. Wells was the one to send her in to kill the General. He manipulated her and as she lay dying she almost imparts some news to Barry about the mysterious Dr. Wells. So all is not what it seems in paradise. Wells has a very interesting past with the general that deals with test subjects. With Plastique dead and General Eiling leaving somehow I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of him. Another solid episode in the bank and now I can breathe again.

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Brian is a screenwriter and visual fx Artist who loves science fiction, drama and follows many TV shows. He is a versatile writer who is published and has written copy for: CompUsa, The California State Lottery and Princess Cruise lines. Every year he attends The Sundance Film Festival and the San Diego Comic Con filling up on his other passions…indie films, comic books and video games.

  • William Jones

    I wonder as a society are we getting dumber or regressing in some ways? This show has been a steaming pile of poo since it began and yet critics and fan boys rave about it to the point where I’m wondering if the critics that review it are getting paid to gush like they have been or is it something more sinister and in fact there are network execs sitting behind them with a gun to their head forcing them to type fawning praise for a show that clearly doesn’t deserve it.

    Sad to say I watched the pilot out of curiosity then stuck around for a few more episodes mostly to poke fun of how bad the writing, character development, and general plot of the show is but this episode was so bad I couldn’t even poke fun of it and nearly broke my brain just watching it.

    Here are some highlights on why this episode is so bad. The opening = creepy in a big way with Barry looking longingly at Iris. Creepy enough considering that natural guy response when being friend zoned is to seek something or someone more available and Barry has not lacked when it comes to hot available women wanting to sit on his crotch. But what is it about Iris that makes him love her? Other than having a really bad case of jungle fever this series has failed to establish why she is worth loving. Instead the audience is treated to a self absorbed, needy, ditzy black barbie that cant do squat without a man. I suppose we can say score one for progress that they cast a black woman as Iris but is it really progress when she is nothing more than a caricature and essentially a white girl in black face? My god where is destiny child and Bey with independent woman or the singly lady?The opening would have been somewhat acceptable if Barry were a teenage boy rather than a 20 something hipster the show has him being.

    Let’s talk Sisco the geeky science guy who apparently has never touched let alone been close to a pair of breast or been inside a vagina since he was born. I’m talking specifically about when they bring plastique back to star labs and he makes some comment about her being hot then grins and says did I say that aloud? It was painful to watch and far off the mark in terms of humor. Also CSI should sue for copy right infringement when this series flash took their bubbly goth girl gave her a penis, a tan and called her Sisco.

    Speaking of copy right infringement the CW and DC should be cutting Andrew Garfield a check for Grant Gustin who looks like a poor mans version of him and stole the spiderman narration. The show should be called the Amazing flash. The show has tried to establish itself as a modern day take of the hero with modern social reference done badly I might add. So keeping that in mind why is the army in public going after plastique or confiscating police records ? That’s sloppy, brutish and not how this government works. This would have been acceptable in the 40’s or 50’s in terms of belief but in modern times how hard would it have been to say the FBI, the CIA, or Homeland security which would have been extremely plausible? It’s a suspension of belief yes but part of the trick in doing that is with doses of truth.

    Of course at the end yet another metahuman dies and Barry Boohoos about how he couldn’t save another person yet ignores the fact that it was his interference that got plastique killed. Then of course there is the god awful sub plot with Iris. She essentially admitted to Barry as flash that she thought him crazy about the impossible being possible and her motives for exposing the flash to the world are shoe string thin at best.

    I don’t expect the show to be steller with breaking bad caliber writing but at least the basics should be covered. There shouldn’t be glaring plot holes, characters that are caricatures, or horrible dialogue all of which this story has. The 90’s flash TV show was a bit corny and over the top but the stories were good, no plot holes, the dialogue was solid and dare I say witty at times with clever surface jokes for the younger generation and subversive one’s for older adults in the know. The characters were actual characters and well fleshed out even Iris who was only in the pilot. Spoiler alert, Iris dumps Barry in the 90s show and what does Barry do? He moves on and starts dating. Even when they introduce a new love interest he continues to date rather than pine over what could be like 2000,s Barry does.

    For the fan boys looking to watch a live action flash they should go watch the 90’s television show. Its a bit hokey and low budget but perhaps because it is low budget the writers actually had to produce solid stories and character development. Either way it makes for a superior representation of the flash rather than the Cleveland steamer the new show has been. If for no other reason the 90’s show is better and should be watched because it has Mark Hamil as the reoccurring character the trickster

  • Brian Fire

    the show is not going to work for everyone. Thus far the ratings have
    been pretty high. I think they are doing a good job. It’s not a dark
    show and doesn’t pretend to be one. If you notice Barry is constantly
    being hit with life lessons. His character cannot fully arc without
    this. He is an innocent young man thrown into his given situation. When I
    say innocent I mean in every way. If he wasn’t innocent, a good portion
    of his charm would be gone. At some point he will grow up, for now this works.

    infatuation with iris is nothing new. I know adults who are just as
    innocent as Barry and are having trouble letting the other party know
    their feelings. Why? A great portion of the time it’s because of the
    fear of rejection or the fear it will ruin the friendship. Everyone is
    also not great at relationships. I think that’s one thing that makes it
    work. If you look back in my articles, you will see I thought the
    chemistry between Barry and Felicity Smaok was much stronger. Thing
    is…you cannot always control who your heart will beat for. That will
    always remain a mystery.

    Your opinion is welcome here. Thank you for commenting.

  • William Jones

    Brian I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me. You mention how the ratings for the show have been good so far but I hazard to say that ratings doesn’t mean its good especially in light of the fact that they are going to change the way shows are rated and the current system is weighted and can be manipulated. I would also say that just because it has decent ratings doesn’t mean it’s good. How often have you heard about shows critically acclaimed that were good that were canceled due to poor reception? My so called life with Clair Danes and Jarret Leto are prime examples. Scrubs is another example it had mixed reviews and I believe was canceled once before its final cancellation and yet the show was really intelligent and funny with a mixture of humor with a dash of drama.

    I agree with you in terms of superhero shows not needing to be dark in order to be good. If you read my entire piece (and I’m sure your did) I mentioned the 90’s flash which was a bit on the hokey side, a little low budget to be sure and very much a light hearted take on the superhero genre but it was good. The writing all the way around was solid. There was good dialogue, and solid story telling with little to no plot holes. The show was obviously intended for a younger audience and yet the basics were observed in terms of character development, story telling, some research, and dialogue that balanced a younger audience with nudge and wink references for older adults .
    I don’t believe light hearted means you have to have bad writing, bad characters, or rather caricatures (Iris) or women that serve as little more than a plot extensions (Iris again). I also don’t believe in a heavy handed story that holds the viewers hand every step of the way as this show does. The 90’s show actually took into account that the viewers were actually smart enough to figure things out and not be led by the hand and in terms of women they were developed and didn’t serve as little more than plot extensions.
    Now in terms of innocence and infatuation a lot of the behavior he exhibits would be perfectly acceptable if Barry and Iris were in high school which they clearly are not. The show made sure to establish they are at the very least in their mid 20’s and long past their college days except for Iris who was working on her doctorate in what I don’t know. My guess was it was in fashion which puts a whole new twist on the term string theory. Either way it was a plot point quickly discarded after the pilot episode.
    The type of behavior Barry exhibits toward Iris is one most guys and girls grow out of by the time they hit their 20’s especially when there are other opportunities presenting themselves. As an older adult that is just plain creepy and a sign of stunted social development which again Barry is not supposed to have.
    You absolutely correct in saying this show is not for me because I expect my fellow writing peers to exhibit a level of professionalism since they are fortunate enough to be getting paid for their skills, a show with pretty people, bright lights, big booms, or a light hearted take on the superhero Genre does not a good show make. If you doubt me again I suggest you go watch the 90’s flash which has Mark Hamil and Brian Cranston guest starring in episodes. I would even suggest you look up trial of the trickster and then compare the two . I would say that that you wont be disappointed but if you watch the two and compare there will be at least one show you will be disappointed with.

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