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TV Review: THE FLASH: Season 3, Episode 14: Attack on Central City [The CW]

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The Flash: Attack on Central City Review

The CW’s The Flash: Season 3, Episode 14: ‘Attack on Central City’ was a great mix of action, special effects, and powerful drama. As if our journey to Gorilla City last week wasn’t enough, we got to see a Planet of the Apes-type of scenario play out on The Flash with Gorilla Grodd and his army invading Central City. Even though there was some limits to the budget, the show managed to pull off an amazing episode that closed out the storyline with Grodd.

There is so much special effects one can see on a show, so we are impressed to see how much the crew accomplished into putting this together. It’s pretty amazing that the show was able to bring Grodd to life along with an army full of oversized yet genius-level apes. Despite taking it’s time to lead into the final battle, the fight didn’t disappoint at all. The battle itself was cinematically scaled into this one huge scene that we haven’t seen from the show before.

We would’ve thought that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) learned his lesson from last week when he took on Solovar. For some reason, he thought charging into a large group of apes would take them down. The show does no favors in showing Barry’s ability in getting out of tough situations. Solovar did make up for that by showing up just in time to save him. The climatic battle between Solovar and Grodd was one of the highlights of this episode and a great way to end the two-part event.

Despite having a limited amount of communication between Team Flash and Grodd during the episode, we did get to see the lengths in which Grodd was willing to go, even if it meant he had to kill one of Barry’s friends. After trying to take over Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) mind, he nearly succeeded in taking him out. Not only did it display how powerful Grodd can be and his deep hatred for Flash, but it also connected with the bigger arc with Savitar. As Barry is pressed in a corner while trying to change the future, he starts wondering if he is just making things worse. He even starts considering to kill the superhuman ape. However, his friends convince him otherwise that there are other ways to handle him. There may be a time towards the end of the season where Barry may have to make the hard choice in order to protect Iris (Candice Patton).

The conflict with Iris may not have been in the forefront during the duration of the episode, but the whole hour was pretty light. It’s what you might think when you have Tom Cavanagh playing two versions of Harrison Wells. It was fun seeing the chemistry between these two similar but completely different men. It was like Tom was doing a one-man show by playing two versions of himself. Harrison may have faked out by saying he was sick, but at least we know that Harrison can visit anytime he needs to.

Romance was also in the air this week as Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Jesse (Violett Beane) deciding to move in together while Cisco (Carlos Valdes) catches up with Gypsy (Jessica Camacho). Despite their romance feeling a bit too rushed, Keiynan and Violett manage to play off each other as a couple and it’s cute seeing them together. Even Harrison finds it okay for his daughter to date another speedster from another universe.

What was more interesting was the dynamic between Cisco and Cypsy. Cisco doesn’t get enough love on the show, so having his geeky personality and confidence makes him a great companion for the dangerous and strict Gypsy. Gypsy may have shown Cisco that he’s got a lot to learn with his powers, but Cisco managed to help Gypsy realize that her powers doesn’t make her into a merciless bounty hunter. We even got to get peak at Earth-19. It’s fun to see how much different each alternate world is.

The episode concluded rather nicely with Barry setting up a romantic evening with Iris in order to propose to her. Even though we don’t get a straight answer from Iris, it was a nice way to end the episode with an uncertainty. Things seem to be going forward with Team Flash, but just as we close out the episode, something else ruins that happiness. The appearance of Savitar in the end gives us a sense that Barry won’t have a sense of happiness with danger around every corner. With Savitar going after Wally, it doesn’t look like we will be waiting for things to get bad real fast.

The Flash got to finish it’s two-part event on a strong note. The show managed to focus a lot on Gorilla Grodd and his army in pieces, but the final battle between Grodd and Solovar gave the episode that epic conclusion it needed. Even a mix of exciting character drama and focusing on the pressure that Barry’s makes it all the more amusing.

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