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TV Review: Fringe: Season 2, Ep: 23: Over There: Part 2

The season finale of Fringe, Season 2, Episode 23, entitled Over There: Part 2, packed a nice romantic moment and a cliff hanger. This season finale is eerily similar to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2’s finale Born to Run. Both storylines contained alternate realities, making a choice of staying in one or going to the other, combat (better in T:SCC), and love as a motivator. In all honesty, Born to Run had better moments and action but Over There certainly was good and the ending bodes well for Season 3 of Fringe.

The moment the second Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) showed up outside the theater I knew something would happen. When she was holding the gun on William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), then in the next scene when she walked into the theater I knew they had switched. One question, why didn’t Bell give the high powered sidearm to the trained FBI agent? Wouldn’t she have been more effective with it? Her aim most certainly would have been better.

Dunham trapped in that prison, no one knowing she is there, marooned was great. Remember, she can open a doorway between worlds. If the Walter-nate (John Noble) finds that out and finds the right power source, he could bring an army over. I wonder what his plan is for the alternate Dunham in our world.

I also liked the realization that Walter asked Bell to cut out part of his brain because of what he was becoming. I’m guessing he was becoming like the Walter in the alternate universe. I was surprised Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) could leave his real mother , Elizabeth Bishop (Orla Brady), without even a phone call after she had been deprived of him for twenty years. He leaves a boy and returns a full grown man. Brutal. Bring on Season 3 of Fringe.

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