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TV Review: FRINGE: Season 3, Ep.1: Olivia


The beginning of Season 3 of Fringe, episode 1 – entitled Olivia – starts out with Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) not only trapped in the alternate universe but eventually brain washed as well. More accurately, her memories are replaced with those of the alternate Olivia impersonating her. Walter-nate (John Noble) does not know about the experiments conducted on Olivia when she was a child. When he finds out, I bet her starts running his own experiments. This is a war to him, life or death. He would have no qualms about violating human rights in the name of his world and universe. His strength is that he has the resources of a n entire nation behind him, the key to our universe (Olivia), and a spy in our universe (Alt-Olivia). The Walter in our universe doesn’t have any of these resources or in limited quantities.

You could see how Alt-Olivia didn’t really want to kiss Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), good acting.

One part I didn’t at this episode was that they made Dunham an Olympic-grade swimmer. Come on. Come up with something else, not something convenient like that.

I love how they use that red beginning for title sequence of Fringe now that they used from last season on Fringe.

I am really looking forward to how this will play out. Even if they find out that Alt-Olivia is not their Olivia they have no way of getting back to the alternate universe. That Olivia was never experimented on thus does not have the door opening ability. Fringe is now one of the most innovative sci-fi shows and dramas on the airwaves.

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