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TV Review: FRINGE: Season 3, Ep. 8: Entrada

Anna Torv, Fringe , Season 3, Episode 8, Entrada

Fringe, Season 3, episode 8Entrada – had the two universe espionage come to an end and some of the most glaring and absurd plot points to date for the Fox TV series brought to bare. This episode even had its own TV Show trailer (posted below) and in no way does the episode live up to it.

The problems with the episode:

1.) Olivia 2 leaving Peter (John Noble) capable of telling everyone else that she is not the real Olivia (Anna Torv). I doubt she could pull the trigger on the Secretary’s son but why not incapacitate him for a few days instead of hours? Why not tie him down AND paralyze him? Hmmm.

2.) How does Broyles 2 (Lance Reddick) get Olivia 1 down two floors in a Department of Defense building after she had escaped once and all the guards know her face?

3.) How in God’s name did Broyles 2 get Olivia 1 out of the Department of Defense building and off Liberty Island after the alarm had been sounded? Come on J.J. What boat or helicopter would possibly be given clearance to leave during a security breach of the Department of Defense? How could they get out of the building let alone off the island? This entire plot point was skipped over and was immediately noticeable. Fraking sloppy, lazy writing at its finest.

4.) The scientists just leave the teleportation serum – the key to winning the war – in a unsecured location? Riiiight.

5.) How does Olivia 2 know what dose to give herself so that when she transports she can stay in her universe for good? Again, no explanation of any kind – she just knows the exact dose. Horrible writing. Plus, that serum might not be exactly the same aas Walter (John Noble)’s. It’s a first generation derivative of what is in her brain. How does she…never mind.

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*Big problem with Fringe, Season 3, episode 6, 6955 kHz – which is why I didn’t even bother to review it.

If the Vacuum device pieces were buried million of years ago – before the time of the dinosaurs – the pieces would not be where the Number Stations code and the The First Ones book said. The continents SHIFTED and BROKE APART during all that time which means the coordinates would not match. In addition, if the  Vacuum pieces are made out of metal, why were the pieces never detected by metal scans, surveys, or satellite swipes? There are no words to describe this plot point. I’m at a loss.

Maybe Fringe is getting what it deserves in a way by being moved to the “death slot” on Friday night in January 2011. I love the series but the holes are getting bigger and bigger.

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