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TV Review: GOTHAM: Season 3, Episode 10: Time Bomb [Fox]


Gotham Time Bomb Review

Fox‘s Gotham: Season 3, Episode 10: Time Bomb starts with a literal bang. The car Lee Thompson (Morena Baccarin) and her fiance are about to get into explodes. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) must now try to keep Lee’s fiance safe. As if James Gordon’s and her relationship weren’t already awkward. Now, Gordon has to find out who is trying to kill Mario.

This is a daunting task for Gordon considering Mario (James Carpinello) despises him and Gordon still obviously has feelings for Lee. If Lee had a FaceBook page her status probably reads: it’s complicated.

In all likely scenarios, the wedding gets abruptly canceled due to a crazed fiance and Gordon and Lee will somehow realize this weird game of trying not to like each other won’t work forever.

It isn’t completely clear what is up with Mario. The voices in his head signal it may have something to do with the Tetch virus. Or maybe he is just an unstable, crazy person. Granted, this is Gotham so a little crazy isn’t that all the surprising. But it does seem doubtful that this wedding is happening. If he manages to get through the reception without strangling someone that would be pretty amazing.

On the heels of Captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) out of the police game  the villains in Gotham are just waiting for the next big thing to strike and the hawks are circling. Lucky for us, Barb (Erin Richards) seems keen on striking the iron while it’s hot.

The saddest thing about Gotham, which is a bit unexpected, is the dynamic between Tabitha (Jessica Lucas), Butch (Drew Powell) and Nygma (Cory Michael Smith). Nygma, who thinks Butch had a hand in the death of Isabella has the two lovers tied-up and gagged. Nygma makes an offer: if Tabitha can admit she loves Butch enough to get her right hand sliced off he’ll let them both go.

But Tabitha has a realistic approach to getting her hand hacked off. But when In the weirdest and probably sweetest moment on Gotham ever Butch says he loves her, even if she doesn’t love him.

Unfortunately for everyone in this scene, Nygma discovers the truth about Isabella too late. Barb shows up just in time to see Tabitha’s severed hand flopping on the floor. Because there are no happy endings in Gotham, ever.

This plays into Barb’s future plans. As she discovers that Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) is responsible for the death of Isabella she hooks Butch with the temptation of revenge in hopes of starting a massive war that could rip Gotham apart from the inside out.

The episode is surprisingly very stirring, while the title of the episode, Time Bomb, lives up to its theme. Mario is clearly a character that is about to destroy anything and everyone to keep the woman he loves. Barb is about to shake things up between Nygma and Cobblepot to the point of a Gotham civil war. Butch is probably going to try to kill Nygma at some point in time if he loves Tabitha as much as he says he does.

Next week, hopefully, the havoc gets knocked up a notch.

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