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TV Review: HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: Season 2, Episode 10: What Happened To You, Annalise? [ABC]

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ABC‘s How To Get Away With Murder What Happened To You, Annalise? TV Show Review. How To Get Away Murder: Season 2, Episode 10: What Happened To You Annalise? is a successful mid-season return for the show.

After the rollercoaster ride of Season 1 and the escalating chaos of earlier Season 2 episodes, last Thursday’s show feels almost like a reprieve from the twisting and turning anarchy How To Get Away With Murder is so well known for. “Almost” is the keyword, of course.

Shot by an enraged Wes Gibbins  (Alfred Enoch) weeks earlier, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) finds herself incapacitated once again. Or at least she would if she weren’t so intent on attending to her affairs as if nothing happened. Undeterred by the carefully-wrapped wound on her side, the single-minded attorney drags herself out of bed so she can draft a statement to give in court.

Her statement is not meant to incriminate Wes, but to pin the blame on Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda), a client of hers already accused of killing her parents. The idea is to conceal not just Wes’s role in Annalise’s present condition, but also Asher Millstone’s (Matt McGorry) role in the death of Assistant DA Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns) by pegging the blame all on the hapless Catherine. It’s a totally deplorable move, but one very much in tune with the show’s cynical tone.

As cunning as Annalise may be, however, she is in little position to be the iron-willed legal eagle she usually presents herself as. Under the influence of Vicodin, she hallucinates about a crying baby in her house, brought to her by a woman she once knew. The first thing viewers will likely think is “that’s Wes!”, but as you might have guessed, that issue isn’t resolved so easily.

Finding Wes in her bedroom, Annalise confronts her would-be murderer and presumed son. While her glare might have been enough to scare even the most confident of her students into submission in the past, the waitlisted student who was once scared of his shadow gets right up in her face. Baffled by his professor referring to him as Christophe after he shot her, Wes searched her house for any records indicating she knew him prior to his enrolling in her class. Without confessing any prior familiarity with him, Annalise sobs to Wes, “I think you ruined me”, to which he storms out the room.

Annalise regrets her remarks immediately afterwards and chases after Wes. Strangely, we don’t hear or see any evidence that he even reached the door. What we do hear, however, is the baby imagined earlier by Annalise smacking it’s lips. The fevered imaginings of an ailing woman or more evidence that Wes is Annalise’s son? Viewers will have to wait and see in future episodes of How To Get Away With Murder, as this reviewer definitely plans on doing.

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