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TV Review: HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: Season 3, Episode 14: He Made A Terrible Mistake [ABC]

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How To Get Away With Murder He Made A Terrible Mistake Review

How To Get Away With Murder: Season 3, Episode 14: He Made A Terrible Mistake makes a more than promising first half for the season’s two-part finale.

In hindsight, splitting stories over the course of multiple episodes rather than trying to cram everything into one single episode makes so much sense for the series that one can’t help but be shocked that it hasn’t been done before. True, we have had the recurring scenes that frame each season and progressively reveal more and more about a particular event like the killing of Lila Stangard and this season’s burning of Annalise’s (Viola Davis) home and death of Wes (Alfred Enoch), these were, again, mainly framing devices that helped put the events of a given episode into context as opposed to telling a story for the sake of the story itself.

And while we’re on the subject of the story, boy was last night’s intense. With the Keating Five shocked by the release of Charles Mahoney (Wilson Bethel), Annalise confronts his mother Sylvia (Roxanne Hart) about the family’s vendetta against her and what she believes to be their role in Wes’ death only to learn that everything she knows about the case is wrong. Wes is not, as she and viewers were led to believe, the late Wallace Mahoney’s son: he is Charles’ son, sired after he raped Wes’ mother. Armed with this knowledge, Annalise renews her efforts and takes the fight to the DA, as we see in the next, equally-excellent episode.

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