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TV Review: INTRUDERS: Season 1, Episode 1: She Was Provisional [BBC]

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BBC’s Intruders She Was Provisional TV Show Review. Intruders: Season 1, Episode 1: She Was Provisional, the premier of a new paranormal thriller show, was plenty confusing and clichéd. The disjointed, seemingly unconnected scenes ramble or jump leaving the viewer wondering exactly what’s happening.

There seems to be no point to the show, other than the fact that people die and some crazy dudes wearing black coats run around. It’s not immediately obvious that Jack Whelan (John Simm) is the main character. In fact, the show starts out with a random character named Donna (Katherine Evans). The episode didn’t establish to a baseline degree who this person is and why the viewer should care about them. This sentiment is true of many of the characters introduced in She was Provisional. The same can’t be said about mass-murder Richard Shepherd (James Frain), who makes mysterious comments (as of yet) to an associate.

She Was Provisional picked up steam when Amy Whelan (Mira Sorvino) goes off to Seattle and ends up missing. Distraught, Jack runs off after her, borrowing his neighbor’s car.

At this point in the series, Intruders‘ writers have no established why I should care at all about Jack, Amy, or anyone else for that matter. After watching She Was Provisional twice, I still have no idea what the point of the show is (other than the fact that many things seemed to be going on that I didn’t understand).

The only connection made during this episode was between Gary Fischer (Troy Kittles) and Jack, who seem to know each other from the past—on a second watch, they went to high school together along with Donna (from the beginning) as she’s clutching her yearbook. Even at that point I had no idea why Gary would talk to Jack about a double murder that occurs early on.

The heart of the show seems to be in Madison O’Donnel (Millie Bobby Brown), a nine-year-old that seems to be possessed (how cliché – creepy child doing creepy child things). Madison is completely overacted as strange and crazy, especially after drowning her cat, Lupee, and the subsequent sobfest (though that would suggest there were feelings or a conscience still in the child).

Overall, the series premiere of Intruders‘ began in a in-cohesive manner and currently lacks anything to drive viewers to tune in other than unraveling the mystery of what is really happening. The acting is mostly okay, but the plot is just not there at the moment. There is nothing to grab hold of as a viewer, no characters that we feel close to yet. Perhaps that will change. Hopefully it will.

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