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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 10: Mr. Berserk [The CW]

The CW’s iZombie Mr. Berserk TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 10: Mr. Berserk brought in a whole lot of pain for Liv (Rose McIver) after last week’s shocking death of Lowell. Liv went through a heavy ordeal after witnessing her boyfriend’s death at the hands of Blaine (David Anders), so it’s understandable that she went through all the stages of grief. However, since she’s a zombie, grief comes by differently as she ate the brain of a dead alcoholic reporter. Despite not going through all the emotions of loss, Liv investigating a case made her function normally and drinking to her hearts content to drown out her sorrows.

Liv went through different kinds of grief, but she ended up crying out her pain towards the end and it was the emotion that drew us in. Seeing a zombie becoming more human was a beautiful thing to see on this show. Her grief quickly turned into revenge as Liv vowed to kill Blaine, and hopefully she pulls the trigger this time. Since she has motivation to go after Blaine, it doesn’t look like Liv will hesitate in killing him but her morals may get in the way again. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) showed his support for Liv during this tough time, so here’s hoping that he will be her moral compass when Liv is about to do the deed.

Ravi and Liv’s friendship has become stronger during the episode as we saw lots of interaction happening between these two. It really shows how much their friendship has evolved since the start of the show. Ravi needs to get Liv to listen to what he has to say regarding Major (Robert Buckley) as the ex-flame is getting closer to the truth. Ravi suggested that Major must finally know the truth about zombies as Major made a huge decision to commit himself to a psych ward after believing that he is losing his mind after shooting Julien. Liv did have her reasons in not telling Major everything, but keeping someone in the dark too long may become risky once the person’s life is on the line. If only Ravi pushed Liv more, than she could’ve realized that nothing but the truth can save Major.

Major may think that the existence of zombies may be a silly idea, but once he connects the dots, then it may not be as far fetched as he thinks. He knew what he did to Julien, so imagine what would happen if he found out that he wasn’t hallucinating. Major would be looking at the whole world differently, especially with Liv. Seeing Major committing himself for a mental examination wasn’t something we were expecting, so it’s interesting to see where this is heading.

Major isn’t the only one who’s in danger. After Liv and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) uncovered a conspiracy at Max Rager, expect the energy drink company keeping an eye on them as they have means to eliminate anyone who threatens to expose them. People like Sebastian (Matthew MacCaull) will be going after them so they must be on their toes as they continue to investigate. Anyone close to Liv would be in mortal danger, even with their knowledge of Blaine’s existence.

It’s quite obvious that Blaine is part of this scandal with Max Rager and it’s CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber). With the case of the week, this all goes back to the pilot episode where people who drank Max Rager would affect their brains and make them attack anyone in their way. The sudden zombie epidemic all started with them, so we are slowly scratching the surface of how these zombies are on the rise.

This episode also gave us another side of the show we haven’t seen yet: horror. Sebastian was the perfect person to showcase the creepy factor of iZombie as this hitman had the pleasure in attempting to kill Liv for Vaughn. We have never seen a person like Sebastian before, so imagine the possibilities once he turned into a zombie. Seeing Sebastian torment Liv like that was one of those scary images that you can’t get out of your head. Sebastian is a much scarier foe than Blaine, so he will be going after Liv soon.

‘Mr. Berserk’ managed to develop more of the world of iZombie and gave us more pieces to the puzzle regarding the zombie epidemic. As we get closer to the truth, the danger increases for Liv and her friends. With Clive and Major on the verge of discovering the truth, hopefully Liv and Ravi can fill them in on what’s going on because these secrets won’t stay buried forever.

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