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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 12: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat [The CW]

The CW’s iZombie Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 12: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat has shown that mixing comedy and horror may not be easy, but can be done. iZombie has put some work in the scary elements of the show, but it also blends some comedy and drama when the sole focus is on Liv’s (Rose McIver) life as a zombie. The penultimate episode went all out with the horror and the drama as both Liv’s work and personal life begin to blur as those close to her get caught in the crossfire.

The comedic elements of the show came from Liv when she went through two personality changes. The cheerleader and stoner brains made Liv act like she was a teenager again so we had two completely different sides to Liv. However, the episode may have gone a bit overboard with having Liv eat two brains in one day. The transformations that Liv goes through tend to manifest itself slowly to make it more believable to the viewer so they can spot the differences. The episode relied heavily on using jokes and stereotypes to make Liv’s personalities work. Maybe the portrayals could’ve been eased back a little and still make the performance better.

Even Clive’s (Malcolm Goodwin) reactions to peppy Liv would’ve been better. Clive may bring some seriousness to the character, but he does bring in a balance of humor with his facial expressions. Clive is too forgiving when it comes to Liv’s mood swings, but with the season about to close, perhaps he will start raising eyebrows and investigate.

The case this week was unusual as it brought in three deaths and the resurrection of hitman Sebastian (Matthew MacCaull) from last week’s episode. The episode also brought in another mystery and a zombie on the loose, which could be part of the blueprints of season two. Sebastian’s return was a huge turn for Liv as she realized that she may have created a zombie and that she was somewhat responsible for the death of an innocent person. She also had to kill Sebastian to save Peyton (Aly Michalka), but in the process exposed herself to her roomie and had no choice but to tell her the truth.

We saw a lot of Peyton during this episode, which was nice so it was hard to see her find out Liv’s secret so soon. Peyton’s reaction was exactly what you would expect and totally different from Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) and Major’s (Robert Buckley). Everyone will take the news differently on the existence of zombies, so not everybody will be just as accepting as Ravi. So it’s likely that Liv finally coming out as a zombie will have a different effect on everyone.

Major’s reaction to zombies has also been completely different. He has gone on the deep end, going as far as getting a gun for protection and searching up online tutorial videos on how to kill zombies. He wants to protect those he loves by exterminating zombies in the way he knows how. Major was pretty rash when he impersonated a health inspector at Meat Cute in order to expose Blaine (David Anders) and his brain operation. For all we know, Julien could’ve caught him red handed or even go after him to cover his tracks. That part of the story has never been cleared, as it should be. Even bringing in Liv’s little brother may not be the best idea as we get close to the season finale.

This episode shifted into high gear as we head into the first season finale. Liv is going to have a hard time keeping her secret forever as both Peyton and Major are in on the whole zombie bonanza. Everyone she loves will be in moral danger as another killer is on the loose. It’s going to be interesting to see how the show will tie up these loose ends and we are guessing that perhaps not everyone will be getting out of this alive or even turning into one of the undead. The anticipation for next week’s finale will be extremely high.

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