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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 13: Blaine’s World [The CW]

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The CW’s iZombie Blaine’s World TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 13: Blaine’s World brought the season to an explosive close as Blaine (David Anders) and Liv’s (Rose McIver) battle came to a head that costs a human life. Both these characters made the show interesting as we got to see both of them evolve throughout the season. Rose McIver and David Anders have done wonders to their portrayals by showing different sides to them yet they are polar opposites of each other. The writers certainly pulled it off with a season finale that will have us talking until the show returns in the fall.

The season finale confirmed us that David Anders is the best villain of the series so far. Blaine has been a charming yet likable villain no matter what kind of horrible act he commits. He tortured Major (Robert Buckley) in a cool fashion that it didn’t even seem like he was torturing him. Despite what happened, Major was in a tight spot with nowhere left to run.

Speaking of Major, he also stole the show with his plotline. Major’s development went in a surprising direction over the course of the season so it was hard to believe this nice guy becoming a zombie killing machine when he went blazing through Meat Cute and killing everyone on sight. It probably wasn’t easy to pull off, but it worked out in the end for Major’s dramatic change. Major could’ve ran away, but instead he committed to finishing his mission to exterminate the threat. It was disappointing that Major was unaware of Blaine’s presence at the deli, making it painful to watch as Blaine got the upper hand.

However, the arcs for both characters ended on a good note and in unforeseen ways. Seeing Liv inject Blaine with the cure secured Anders’ role to stay on for a while because we certainly didn’t want him to die so soon. Even turning Major into a zombie and then having him cured back into a human was the ultimate sacrifice for Liv who wanted to cure herself since she turned. Liv using the cure on both men symbolized both anger and love, and that was the perfect balance. This was one of the most powerful performances we’ve seen of Rose on this show because she was heavy with emotions throughout the entire finale. Liv went through so much after Lowell’s death, so telling Major everything after turning him was like she was confessing her sins.

Seeing Liv use the cure on someone rather than herself was a good way to show what Liv is willing to give up to save the ones she loves. We see that Liv would rather not make anyone a zombie, but it became necessary for her to do so for Major. Which is why Liv should be the one to take down Max Rager and it’s CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber). Despite Vaughn getting exposed in the media and investigations against him are ongoing, that part of the story lost it’s way only because of Liv’s own problems along with Blaine and Major.

Besides Major, Vaughn also wants the remaining zombie population to be eliminated. With Liv and Lowell as primary examples, they are proof that there are some good zombies out there. They just need another source of food to stay alive instead of feeding on the innocent. It’s easy to see Liv as a kind of zombie savior trying to help out those in need and teach them how to live the undead lifestyle.

The season ended with a cliffhanger as Liv’s brother Evan’s life hangs in the balance after getting caught in an explosion at Meat Cute. Only Liv’s blood can save him, but she refuses to donate only because she doesn’t want another person becoming a zombie like her. If Liv saved him, then we would’ve entered in a dangerous situation with her family. So with Liv refusing to use her blood, she will have to come up with a reason why she can’t without exposing herself to her family but it may also cause a rift with them. Liv will be facing all sorts of trouble both personal and professional as we head into season two.

iZombie wrapped it’s freshman season on a satisfying note. The finale brought some twists and turns with an awesome action scene from Major. The show does a splendid job mixing comedy with horror, and the finale does the same. With a great first season, we eagerly await what Rob Thomas and the writers come up with next when the show returns.

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