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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 3: The Exterminator [The CW]

iZombie The Exterminator

The CW’s iZombie The Exterminator TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 3: The Exterminator gave us another side of a zombie that we are all familiar with when Liv found out that one of her friends who survived the boat party incident has become a full-fledged zombie. With this new discovery, we have seen three different sides of a zombie through Liv, Blaine and Marcy, which can help our main gal find a way to balance her new lease on life as a zombie. It seemed like at the beginning of the season, living as a zombie isn’t so bad, but now it seems far from it.

The episode showed us a different side to Liv (Rose McIver) that we have never seen before. It wasn’t that long ago that Liv felt hopeful to get a cure for her zombified state, but now it may not be in her hands anytime soon. Liv also has to face the facts that she may turn into the worse possible version of herself and she may never come out of that once she crosses it. Seeing Liv go through this really enhances the series and makes it fun to watch her develop as a character.

There’s also another thing that Liv faces after the end of the episode, which is guilt for killing her friend Marcy. Liv didn’t have a choice but to kill her once Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) life was on the line. Nonetheless, it was surprising to see Ravi quickly forgiving Liv for what she did in order to save him. At first, Ravi was scolding Liv for acting like an anti-social person after devouring a hitman’s brain but then the next; Ravi thanks her for saving him. We know that Ravi is curious when it comes to zombies, but maybe giving a pep talk to Liv could’ve sufficed after his life got threatened by Liv going full zombie.

Liv obviously wasn’t herself when her latest brain food transformed her personality into a sociopath with no emotions whatsoever. This episode proved how much talent Rose McIver has as an actress as she showed different sides of Liv. This role has allowed her to expand her range and play with her character a bit in ways we haven’t seen yet. Liv’s new personality made her become detached and cold, affecting her professional and personal life. Her lack of empathy put a bit of a stain in her friendship with roommate Peyton (Aly Michalka). It’s going to be interesting to see Liv go through changes every week in order to display more of McIver’s raw talents.

Liv’s chemisty with Detective Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) is also fun to watch. Clive gives a good balance of skepticism and advocator, especially when he gives Liv a skeptical look. Clive definitely brings in the crime perspective in a supernatural show like this.

It’s also enjoyable to hear Liv’s monologues at the end of the episode, seeing how much she has learned from the case of the week. Her monologues reveals to us what she has learned about herself and feels well again despite being a zombie. It definitely gives you the similar vibe from Veronica Mars, which doesn’t hurt either.

Blaine (David Anders) is still considered mysterious and untrustworthy in Liv’s book. We still don’t know what his true motives are, whether it’s forming a zombie army or getting his brains elsewhere since Liv refuses to give him any. Neither of these options will be good for Liv as Blaine makes his awareness known to her.

The iZombie episode ‘The Exterminator’ further demonstrates Rose McIver’s talents as she gives us a different shade of Liv every week. The show still gives a good blend of dark humor and the supernatural. The show becomes lighter despite it’s drama and crime background. The show still works out well without going too far for viewers.

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