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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 4: Liv and Let Clive [The CW]

iZombie Episode 4

The CW’s iZombie Liv and Let Clive TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 4: Liv and Let Clive strengthened Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive’s (Malcolm Goodwin) relationship as we learned more about Clive’s past as an undercover cop. Liv’s paranoia got the better of her when she begins to suspect that Clive may be a dirty cop all along. It did seem that Liv has controlled her hunger though since we didn’t see her go crazy over brains, but it was nice to see her gain a new skill in the form of martial arts.

We learned a lot about Clive during the episode back when he went deep undercover in the Blue Cobra gang. It showed us the dedication that he made to solve a case and desperate for change. Clive essentially was a different person than the one he is now working in homicide. His time going undercover seems to have made him hesitant about his surroundings, especially who he can trust. Its no wonder Clive refused Liv’s help in the case of his missing partner, but only to make sure he doesn’t drag her into his mess. This may not be the last time we hear about his undercover days, but for now we have a different perspective on Malcolm’s character.

The episode really shifted things between Clive and Liv as they evolved from co-workers into partners. It was a real treat to see them connect and form a genuine friendship. That wasn’t the only friendship that blossomed in the episode. The bromance between Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Major (Robert Buckley) worked out really well after Liv set the two of them up. It was a nerd moment seeing two guys geek out about Diablo III as the two roommates get to know one another. This latest development would allow more screen time for Major as we see how much Liv has changed and whether or not Major has truly gotten over Liv.

However, those closest to Liv may end up on Blaine’s (David Anders) crosshairs as we learn more about his plans. He’s not a real threat to them yet since he’s more focused on expanding his brain selling business. We really get to see how Blaine’s mind works as he develops these ingenious ways to distribute the goods, but if anyone he works with double-crosses him they get killed.

This episode answered some questions about what Blaine’s plans are but also raised more questions. We don’t know how long he’s been living as a zombie or whether he attacked those people on the boat. It’s still a mystery as to what Blaine’s master plan is, but it makes his character more intriguing. David Anders truly embraces the role and makes it his own. Blaine really becomes a sort of sadistic and slick businessman.

iZombie has really hit it’s stride during these first few episodes, and this one is no exception. The dialogues have become witty and smart, even the delivery was spot on. We still feel the Veronica Mars vibe here and there, but that is totally all right for this type of show. Liv and Clive’s partnership is growing a lot more and it will be really interesting to see how far this friendship is willing to go.

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