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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 6: Virtual Reality Bites [The CW]

Rose McIver iZombie Virtual Reality Bites

The CW’s iZombie Virtual Reality Bites TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 6: Virtual Reality Bites has proven that the show has already figured out where it’s going. We are only halfway through the first season, and most of the episodes have a nice balance between case of the week and the more serialized elements in the show. Different plot points are starting to come together as the season develops, especially with Liv’s (Rose McIver) personal life.

Last time we left off, Major (Robert Buckley) was in critical condition after being attacked by the Candyman at the skate park. Luckily, Major managed to survive the attack with Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Liv tending to his injuries. However, that won’t stop Major from finding out what happened to Jerome, so it will be a matter of time before trouble catches up with him. After browsing through many YouTube videos of the skate park, Major finds footage of the Candyman and sends it to Ravi. It comes to a shock when Ravi sees that beside the Candyman is none other than Blaine (David Anders). This new development raises the stakes for Liv, Ravi, and Major as they all have a reason to go after Blaine and his little undercover operation at the Meat Cute.

Even Detective Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) is on the path towards uncovering Blaine’s true motives after investigating a body of a delivery boy working for the Meat Cute. Blaine’s regular customer Jackie fits into the story rather well as she falls into trouble after killing the deliver boy in order to get some brain food. Clive does get a chance to interact with Blaine regarding the investigation, but Clive escaped danger from getting secretly whacked by Blaine. Hopefully we will revisit this once we get through the latter half of the season. Blaine then covers his tracks by simply going after Jackie with nothing but a drill. What a way to kill your clients!

This episode’s case of the week involved the murder of a dangerous computer hacker and hated man on the Internet nicknamed the Sim Reaper. With another brilliant performance by McIver, Liv embraces another personality makeover after eating the Internet troll’s brain, becoming an agoraphobic gamer. It came in handy for Liv after chatting with a fellow gamer regarding the hacker’s murder. It was enjoyable to see Liv embrace the inner gamer in her as she played the MMORPG Warlock Forest with Ravi and other players. The case went into a harsh reality as the murder was all in the act of vengeance from a donut delivery boy who wanted to avenge his sister’s death after killing herself from being humiliated by the Sim Reaper. Despite having no villain in this case, it brought in a new perspective in the show’s handling of murder cases.

The episode also focused on Liv’s new relationship with Lowell, the guy that Liv met during the last episode. It was a nice change of pace to see Liv getting involved with somebody after pining for Major’s affections and losing him in the process. This new relationship gives Liv a chance to share her problems of being a zombie to a guy who also like her. With the show having as much to do with a murder case, searching for the Candyman, and exploring Blaine’s plans, seeing Liv having a life of her own makes the show realistic and works well with everything else going on.

The show really knows how to keep you on your toes regarding the main plot of the season, especially with how the episode ended with Liv’s mother at the Meat Cute and having a conversation with Blaine. Now it seems that Liv will definitely be going after Blaine as her family has become involved with Blaine’s plans. ‘Virtual Reality Bites’ really brought everything together for this season’s overall arc. Things should look interesting as we move forward with the rest of the episodes.

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