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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 7: Maternity Liv [The CW]

The CW’s iZombie Maternity Liv TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 7: Maternity Liv tackled motherhood as Liv opened up her maternity instincts after eating the brains of a victim who was pregnant and died after giving child birth. We also get some new revelations on Clive’s boss as well as Major who goes in too deep as he continues investigating the disappearances of Kevin and Jerome.

The episode ‘Maternity Liv’ gave us a softer side of Liv (Rose McIver) as she went all maternal and opened up many comical interactions with Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and her family. It was funny to see Liv acting all maternal by fixing Ravi’s hair, adjusting Clive’s tie, and even agreeing with her mother when it came to her brother Evan’s future. Rose does wonders yet again with tackling a new character in every episode without letting us forget the real side to her. It’s endearing to see Liv reconnect with her family since the show doesn’t really focus too much on that.

The episode was the first to see Liv not allowed in the interrogation room with Clive (Malcolm Goodwin). Clive mentioned that Liv has gotten free passes to come in the room a couple of times, which has taken notice with the Lieutenant. It seems like Liv’s supernatural gifts are soon catching on with Clive’s boss, so either we can expect Liv’s status in the police department to change or she may be in danger of getting caught soon.

Speaking of the Lieutenant, it was finally revealed that he is in fact a zombie, which we all probably knew due to the signs we saw during the last episode. The man went through extremes to get deep into the case and wrap it up as quickly as possible. Obviously this was all to protect Blaine (David Anders) and his brain trafficking business as he connected the case to the missing kids to cover Blaine’s tracks and get the media off the police department’s backs. The Lieutenant will certainly be a force to recon with as he proved to be much of a threat to Liv as Blaine is. It puts things in a different light, with the enemy coming from a place that Liv wouldn’t expect.

Another thing to address is that the show finally acknowledged the only flaw in Liv’s workplace, which is the morgue’s security. Most of the episodes so far had many people come and go without any security clearance. Well, the security problem was finally addressed as it was revealed that the security system was broken and in need of a repair. It may not have been the biggest mystery in the show so far, but it was long overdue and perhaps worthy of a mention.

Major (Robert Buckley) may also become a threat as Liv’s ex-fiance went to incredible lengths to investigate the whereabouts of the missing kids as he followed Julien. Seeing that Julien may be responsible for the kids’ disappearance, Major tails him and sees what the guy is up to. Major then breaks into his car and discovers his identity as well as a brain inside a container. He gets arrested, but tries to prove to the cops that Julien is up to no good. After that backfires due to Julien’s believably fake backstory, Major is put into the slammer. We can expect Major to make a connection with zombies thinking that they are a threat to be eliminated. It may spell doom for Liv once Major finds out she is one also.

However, it seems that Liv is finally back into the dating game as she goes through all the crazy things that zombie couples do. Basically, she and Lowell (Bradley James) have to eat brains of other people in order to survive. These brains can change their personality, so Lowell and Liv can’t be completely themselves with one another. It will be fun to see how they will steer through this challenge going forward as a couple because they seem too good for each other.

This week’s episode of iZombie brought Liv closer to family as we learn more about her personal life and trying to reconnect since her ordeal in the pilot. We also got to learn more about the Lieutenant’s true motives and seeing what Major would do to get to the truth. It would’ve been better to see more interaction with Liv’s family since we don’t see a lot of scenes with them. Overall, this episode brought some new information to the show’s overall arc and addressed a major plot hole.

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