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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 8: Dead Air [The CW]

The CW’s iZombie Dead Air TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 8: Dead Air proves that nothing is dead on this show as we move forward into the story about Liv and her crazy adventures in solving crimes while living secretly as a zombie. iZombie found its footing early in the season, and it keeps on keeping the pace steady. Tonight’s episode was a fine mixture of gore, drama, and comedy.

Major (Robert Buckley) has been led down to a dark path where there may be no return for him. It’s been hard to see him going from nice guy to a beaten up criminal. Even though he isn’t a zombie like ex-fiancé Liv (Rose McIver), he is going through some life-altering changes similar to what Liv is going through. Major didn’t get any development as a character early on but as we are halfway through the season, he has grabbed our attention as he goes through this transformation. Robert Buckley is doing really well bringing a different side to Major we haven’t seen before. It makes you feel sorry for the guy because all he wants is the truth, which Liv has been unable to do.

Liv tries to convince Major to let go of his pursuit of the missing kids case, but she should’ve known better than to trust him to forget about it. It will be fascinating to see how long Liv can keep her secret from Major and Peyton (Aly Michalka). Liv’s roomie has noticed how much Liv has changed, so it’s a matter of time until she puts the pieces together. Let’s hope Liv doesn’t end up eating the brain of somebody who can’t keep secrets.

This week’s episode had Liv eat the brains of a radio personality known for meddling in other people’s love lives. Liv’s new persona was pretty helpful in the case, but it certainly made others around her uncomfortable whenever she gives advice. Even with Ravi (Rahul Kohli), Liv’s alternate personality put a strain on their friendship. Seeing Liv and Ravi’s friendship is fun to watch, so seeing Ravi get angry with Liv was good to see. Both Rahul and Rose’s chemistry brings a different perspective to the series, and seeing them play off each other is a pleasure to watch.

Ravi had some trouble of his own towards the end of the episode regarding his experiment for a cure. Seeing him get bit by the zombie rat may become a health scare for him if it turns out he becomes a zombie. Hopefully that doesn’t happen since he scored a date with Peyton. Maybe his overconfidence may get the better of him, so it would be a whole different thing if he did turn into a zombie.

Ravi’s love life may be the least of our worries after the episode closes. For instance, Liv finds out that his new zombie boyfriend Lowell (Bradley James) is getting his brains from Blaine (David Anders), who is also at the center of the missing kids case. After eating the brains from Lowell’s kitchen, Liv finds out that they belonged to Jerome, the missing kid that Major was helping before. So is it possible that Lowell knew about this? If so, doesn’t this make him an accessory to murder and kidnapping? All of these pieces are slowly coming together as all of these beloved characters’ lives are about to collide. The episodes have been well thought out in making this happen in an organic way.

‘Dead Air’ proved to be able to put several elements together to create the best episode we’ve seen so far. Rose McIver has done it again with bringing in a fresh look at Liv in her new personality. However, Robert Buckley brings in a whole different shade of Major as he continues to go into a different but dangerous road. Major is going into uncharted territory with his character as all the other people in Liv’s life are about to head into a collision course that may prove to be dangerous for her.

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