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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 9: Patriot Brains [The CW]

The CW’s iZombie Patriot Brains TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 9: Patriot Brains was an episode that dealt with a serious blow to Liv Moore (Rose McIver). With a show about a survivor dealing with her undead existence, a huge part of the series focuses on death. Viewers are surrounded by death in every episode, but the show gets away from that and goes into a mix of emotions for every character. We haven’t connected to a single victim on an emotional level – until now.

Liv’s love life took a dark turn after her new zombie boyfriend Lowell (Bradley James) went into his death. Even though he was only there for a couple of episodes, the writers managed to utilize Bradley James into the show as much as they can and made his loss so painful. Liv and Lowell were a perfect match since they understood each other’s predicament of living the undead life. Liv found her happiness that is impossible to obtain in her state. To have the love of your life taken away from you like that can leave a deep wound in your heart and impact your life. Liv probably blames herself for not taking the shot on Blaine (David Anders) when she had the opportunity.

At least Lowell’s death wasn’t meaningless. Once he had the same visions as Liv on where Blaine got his brains from, Lowell knew what he had to do. He basically couldn’t live with himself if he continued eating all of Blaine’s murder victims in order to survive. It was heartbreaking as it was to see Lowell bravely try to stop Blaine in his tracks, but it was justifiable.

We can be at ease now that we know that Blaine’s illegal business is going up in flames. We finally see Blaine for who he truly is – a sociopath who is only in it for the money and will stop anyone who gets in his way. If Blaine’s clientele go after him, Blaine can just get rid of them. Blaine has enough bodyguards to do the job for him, but he is in a risky situation when he gets greedy.

Major (Robert Buckley) went through a great ordeal as well. Blaine will most definitely be targeting him after what he just discovered in his investigation of the missing teens. Major will probably be on the Clive’s (Malcolm Goodwin) case though, so it’s a possibility that Major may survive from Blaine for a while. Major seemed to be open to the idea that brains were being used to enhance hormones in the body and make you stronger, so the idea of zombies wasn’t in his head that time. However, after shooting Julien AKA The Candyman a bunch of times and finding his body missing, that idea may close in on Major’s mind sooner or later.

Speaking of Clive, it’s hard to belief that the detective would be a skeptic. With every case, Clive always depends on Liv’s visions to help solve them believing in her supernatural ability. He also never questions the personality transformations that Liv experiences with her visions. Hopefully Clive can be more sympathetic towards Major and his theories.

This episode’s case wasn’t too compelling but we managed to get an exciting appearance from Veronica Mars alum Percy Daggs III, so that was a treat to watch. Liv gained some sniper skills from the victim’s brains who was also a war veteran. Along with some good shooting skills, Liv also inherited some PTSD, which lacked her some sleep and raised her awareness. Liv was about to walk the path of a killer but couldn’t go through with it. Especially with what Liv went through with Lowell’s death, Liv won’t be the same person after this episode.

‘Patriot Brains’ proved that iZombie managed to bring some powerful emotions and drama with the characters. Lowell’s death was a bold move for the writers, so we can expect some changes coming for Liv. Even though the series’ quality doesn’t need to change, it’s good to see some shifts from time to time.

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