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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 2, Episode 10: Method Head [The CW]

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The CW’s iZombie Method Head TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 2, Episode 10: Method Head brought the show back from it’s winter break and had quite a lot of developments fit into one hour. The episode tackled the world of television and made a lot of inside jokes about the TV industry. We also dealt with the aftermath of the broken partnership between Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), but this new case of the week brought the duo together.

The start of the episode felt a little rushed. The way that the beginning was set up was as if it was two episodes getting shoved into one. It was a little confusing to see the gang going through Christmas and New Years Day without explaining what they were all doing at the time. Showing the time between the last episode before the break and the present one would’ve worked if it were a separate episode. Instead, the writers decide to put it all in one episode, resulting in a clunky opening sequence. Seeing everybody spend Christmas was completely unnecessary.

The case of ‘Zombie High’ was what kept the episode interesting. The murder and seeing the behind-the-scenes of a zombie TV show was entertaining to watch. However, there were various side stories involving the actors on the fictional show that were pointless to show and never had a chance to complete them. Seeing Liv going into her inner actress personality was funny to watch, as she recited the lines from her favorite TV show. It was fun to see Rose McIver pretending to be an actress on the show, even though she is already playing a character on iZombie.

The highlight of the episode was seeing Liv and Clive reunite after their fallout during the winter finale. It seemed like Clive wasn’t sure at first to bring Liv back in to help him on the case, but it looks like he is slowly warming up to having Liv back into his work knowing how truly valuable she is to his cases.

Blaine (David Anders) has never been so scared as his clientele is being diminished due to Max Rager and Major (Robert Buckley) eliminating the rich zombies. Blaine is also going to be in a whole world of trouble after Clive’s partner Dale (Jessica Harmon) discovers his connection with the disappearing wealthy citizens with the Meat Cute Massacre. It looks like Blaine may end up getting the rap for that, saving Major from going into the slammer.

Speaking of Major, he is trying to play Vaughn (Steven Weber) by pretending to play the part as employee at his company. He even tried to turn in a scientist at Vaughn’s lab for attempting to expose the company to the press. However, Vaughn was only putting Major to the test to see if he was trustworthy. Vaughn has truly become this villain that will go at any length to get results. Major, on the other hand, still has some tricks up his sleeve as he tries to keep a close eye on his evil boss but Major can only go so far and not get caught.

We didn’t go into much with Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) discovery that the cure to the zombie virus was only temporary. He managed to tell Liv and Major about it, and just found out that they broke up. Liv and Major’s relationship wasn’t explored fully in the episode since the breakup, but it looks like this zombie cure may be what brings these two together again.

‘Method Head’ overall was a nice return to the season after the show’s break, even if it felt a bit rushed in the beginning. The case was the central focus, which brought in some nice clichés about what goes on behind the camera. It was nice to see Liv and Clive repair their work relationship and we got to see Vaughn’s evil corporate side a little more. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season fares with these new developments we’ve seen.

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