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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 2, Episode 15: He Blinded Me…With Science [The CW]

Rose McIver He Blinded Me...With Science iZombie

The CW’s iZombie He Blinded Me…With Science TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 2, Episode 15: He Blinded Me…With Science increased the stakes while delivering some drama for some of out characters. iZombie didn’t waste any time after their first episode back from their small break. The murder-of-the-week connected the dots with the bigger zombie conspiracy about to unravel. There was also some great performances from the cast, especially with Blaine (David Anders).

There was lots of humor when the episode began with Blaine rising from the dead and riding the bus back with nothing but a blanket. Even his entrance into the morgue where he shouted “Braaaaains!” to Ravi (Rahul Kohli) was hilarious. However, we started to see signs that Blaine was getting sick and might soon meet his maker permanently this time. Seeing that both Blaine and Major (Robert Buckley) are coming towards certain death makes us assume that a cure will definitely be found. The question remains if maybe one of them will come out of this alive by the end of the season.

Liv’s (Rose McIver) personality this week wasn’t one of the most memorable we’ve seen in the series. Seeing her turn into a scientist was alright, but the writers could’ve done more to make it fun. They could’ve played around with the fact that both Liv and Blaine had the same personalities imbedded into them. It was enjoyable seeing Liv go undercover at Max Rager looking like her human self for a change.

Liv also finds out more on her new boyfriend Drake (Greg Finley) when she starts spying on him. Unfortunately, she was shocked to learn that he is working with Stacey Boss (Eddie Jemison). She was heartbroken, but it turned out that Drake wanted to tell Liv the full story that he is actually an undercover cop trying to expose Boss. Before he gets to, Major takes him out since he is still on his zombie kill list for Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber). This may end badly for Drake since he is the only one who can legally take down Boss. Hopefully he can explain himself to Major before he puts him down for good.

The best part of the episode came between Vaughn and Major when he calls him out when he sees his daughter Gilda’s (Leanne Lapp) face all bruised up. Major loses his trust in Vaughn when he tells him that Gilda was posing as Liv’s roommate to keep an eye on him. All these revelations came out like rapid fire and it felt invigorating to see the interaction between all three of them. It was a long time coming when all these secrets suddenly come out. Even seeing Vaughn burst out in anger for what happened to Gilda was priceless.

With this week’s case, the mystery was tied into the seasonal arc since it’s related to Max Rager’s shenanigans. The case took an interesting turn when it was revealed that the killer was the twin sister of the girl who was disfigured by the victim. The show really does manage to keep things interesting with the cases of the week.

The other mystery we were faced was with the condition of Gilda after her father Vaughn left her for dead when their raging zombie was let loose in their secret basement. It was cruel for Vaughn to leave his daughter in that room despite both of these characters being the villains of the series. Hopefully we find out next week whether Gilda has turned into a zombie or not.

This week’s iZombie episode put some fun for Blaine after coming back as a zombie, but it’s sad that he is already in the midst of dying soon. We at least got to see Rose McIver looking normal for once and Vaughn showed that he is the worse father after what he’s done. As we get closer to the season finale, all of the main storylines seem to be tying together and it will be interesting to see who remains standing when the season closes.

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