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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 2, Episode 2: Zombie Bro [The CW]

iZombie Rose McIver Zombie Bro

The CW’s iZombie Zombie Bro TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 2, Episode 2: Zombie Bro had Liv (Rose McIver) take on another personality of a dead frat boy with comical results. All the jokes were down right stereotypical with every guy in the fraternity acting like they were coming from a scene in Animal House. All the words that were coming out of Liv from her ‘brocabulary’ was cheesy yet fun. It was cool seeing this fun and crazy side of Liv, even though it may have been a bit too much after a while.

Mixing Liv with different personalities means going over the edge, but this one didn’t do that. The best part of the show is having Liv stepping over the line with personalities of the brains she consumes. This time, it wasn’t all out for Liv as she started living the frat boy life.

On the upside, the case of the week was one of the most startling ones yet. Having two people with the same name was a smart twist, and the killer wasn’t obvious to point out despite having one person owning the furry European costume. Similar to last week’s episode, the circumstances made Liv consider the cost of her new personality.

She’s not making things better with Major (Robert Buckley) and it’s how things should be between them after what he went through. He has too many problems to deal with, and forgiving her is not on his list right now. It’s understandable if he needs some comfort from her during his time of weakness. Major is in a dark place and seeing him start taking drugs is a move that we didn’t see coming. If Major’s addiction continues, expect that to cause some problems with his roommate Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and probably everyone else. Let’s not forget that Ravi was the one who introduced Major to utopium, so there will be a different sort of dynamic going on there.

As long as we are talking about them, Major and Ravi’s bromance scenes were the best part of the episode. Robert and Rahul make it seem like they’ve been best friends for a long time in those scenes. Their back and forth routine is what drove the episode forward. The lead in was great, with Ravi wanting to test the affects of utopium for research purposes. The results were hilarious as Ravi and Major are affect by the drugs as they dance in the club, bringing the two men close together.

Another breakout moment was the introduction to Blaine’s (David Anders) father Angus (Robert Knepper). Knepper made a good first impression on his first scene, just like every other show he’s been involved in. Knepper and David really make a convincing father and son as we go deeper into their strained relationship. Blaine did after all turned his own dad intro a zombie, but that just made Angus even more of a sinister character who always thinks of taking an opportunity once he sees it. This proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as we see where Blaine gets his business talents from. It was refreshing to get a little more background info on Blaine as we learn about the tension between him and his father.

This week’s episode ‘Zombie Bro’ was a mixed bag. The case was one of the smartest ones we’ve seen on the show, but Liv’s brains didn’t seem at all interesting. The college fraternity jokes got stale real quickly. The only highlights from the episode were Ravi and Major’s scenes as well as the introduction to Blaine’s old man. This wasn’t a strong episode for Liv, but we do have some strong bases on some of the supporting characters as we move forward this season.

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