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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 2, Episode 9: Cape Town [The CW]

Rose McIver iZombie Cape Town

The CW’s iZombie Cape Town TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 2, Episode 9: Cape Town brought some emotional baggage and some cheesy humor into this midseason finale. Liv (Rose McIver) went full superhero mode into this episode as she fought for justice while Major (Robert Buckley) makes a sudden revelation after meeting a zombie hooker. Even though parts of the story sound crazy on paper, it still works on the show.

The episode gave Liv one of the mildest brains she’s had so far, but it also put her in a world of trouble. Liv has already been acting out as a hero by using her zombie abilities. She isn’t just eating brains for survival; she’s also doing it to help others in need. Seeing Liv help out Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) has given her an extra lease on life after being a zombie. It’s been keeping her focused in her life and the people around her. Working with Clive has kept Liv focused on the task at hand. However, because of her act of vigilantism, she loses it.

The superhero brain injected some adrenaline into Liv’s personality, and it turned out bad for her when her life and career were on the line. Even though Liv is about to lose the only thing that gives her purpose in life, Clive had to make the tough call. He’s been getting great results when working with Liv even though her methods and behavior on the cases made things weird for him. Despite that, Clive knew he should’ve put a stop to this a long time ago. Clive has been going too easy on Liv and treating her more like a cop than just a coroner’s assistant. Plus, it was strange having Liv as a part of Clive’s interrogations in all these cases.

The fall finale has also been building up Mr. Boss and his criminal empire. It would’ve been better if the episode focused more on what’s going on in Liv’s head and the relationships she has with those close to her. It was great that Mr. Boss is having more of a presence on the show and playing with Liv and Clive on the case, but going into what Liv is going through would’ve been a much stronger way to end this half of the season.

What was heartbreaking was that scene between Liv and Major. These two have been trying to make their relationship work, but neither of these two can really move forward with Liv in her zombie state. What was disappointing was that Major ended up figuring out what Liv is going through by a conversation with a near-suicidal zombie hooker he was suppose to kill. This should’ve been a conversation that Liv and Major should be having instead of getting the details from your mark.

Tonight’s episode was mostly inspired by the real-life superhero Phoenix Jones in Seattle with teacher Chris Allred leading a double life as vigilante The Fog. It was a really funny episode that was poking fun at the superhero genre as Liv was giving the serious monologues like a hero while Ravi (Rahul Kohli) was acting more like a sidekick who comes up with some wacky names for Liv as a superhero. It was also cool hearing Ravi’s voiceover in the end of the hour, relating this to a comic book.

We also had the arc with Blaine (David Anders) as he started using his cohort’s friend Drake (Greg Finley) to help Ravi and Liv find the tainted utopium. It was hilarious seeing Blaine give the whole zombie 101 to Drake as he processed what he has become. Speaking of utopium, Ravi revealed that the cure wasn’t permanent as his pet mouse was immediately reverting back into a zombie, which poses some danger with Major and Blaine. The ramifications of this can really affect everyone involved when we return from the show’s winter hiatus.

iZombie’s midseason finale tackled some emotional moments between Liv and Major as they break things off. The plot also thickens as the zombie cure is still in need of some fine-tuning. The show still amazes us with its well-balanced humor and drama. The world of iZombie continues to grow at every corner at Liv has problems like Max Rager, Mr. Boss, and the failing cure that will keep the show intriguing in the long haul.

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