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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 3, Episode 2: Zombie Knows Best [The CW]

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iZombie: Zombie Knows Best Review

The CWs iZombie: Season 3, Episode 2: Zombie Knows Best becomes more of a continuation of last week’s emotional premiere picking up after we find out that the family that Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) was neighbors with gets killed after being ousted as zombies. We didn’t get any scenes where Clive met the family, so this episode fixes that with some flashbacks of when Clive started out as a cop. We get to learn a bit more about what went on with the family that Clive got to know before they got murdered, giving us the opportunity to go deep into Clive’s past.

Seeing Clive’s first meeting with Wally and his mother during the flashback sequences gave us a better picture of his history with them. We got to see the times that Clive saved Wally from his abusive dad and showed him the fatherly love that Wally’s dad never gave him. For one thing, we got more background on Clive and that is something we never get enough of on this show. Getting to learn more about Clive’s past worked out well into this episode and hopefully we get more of that during the new season as Clive works on stopping those responsible for their deaths.

As we went deeper into those flashbacks, the more emotional it got as we saw just how close Clive got to Wally and his mother. Clive did end up becoming a part of their lives for the most part, which makes it so sad that he lost the people who he grew to love before he met Liv (Rose McIver). To that end, we get a moment with Clive where he reflects on how things could’ve been if he was there to save them. This is certainly a side that we have never seen before with Clive. We have all this character development with Clive while the plot of zombies getting exposed still plays in the background gives us that horror factor that the show excels at.

Not everything in the episode was dark and gloomy as both Liv and Major (Robert Buckley) kept things light with their funny material. In this week’s installment, we got to witness Liv and Major devouring the brains of a dead father and his daughter, giving us some hilarious moments from them throughout the episode. Rose McIver continues to amaze us with her variety of personalities she gets to play, but we also got to see Robert Buckley dipping his toes into that kind of role play by impersonating a teenage girl. It was truly hysterical watching Major acting like someone else for a change.

The case-of-the-week in this episode felt pretty generic like the other cases that Liv worked on, but it did help give some great material for Liv and Major to work with. This was something that came out of a soap opera when we find that the dead teenage girl’s friend was having an affair with her stepfather. Something was definitely amiss with the case after the mother found out about the affair. It was well explained towards the end when it was revealed that the mother had her husband murdered, even though it wasn’t as surprising as one would suspect.

This week’s episode gave much of its focus on Clive; something that iZombie hasn’t done much of, but did it in such an emotional way. It explained so much about Clive’s state of mind after discovering Wally’s death and how it affected him. We also got to see some funny moments with Liv and Major in their brain-eating endeavors. In the end, we do get the idea that zombies being hunted will certainly be a problem for the team moving forward this season.

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