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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 3, Episode 4: Wag The Tongue Slowly [The CW]

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iZombie: Wag The Tongue Slowly Review

The CWs iZombie: Season 3, Episode 4: ‘Wag The Tongue Slowly’ dealt with some heavy backbiting from Liv (Rose McIver) on this episode after she devours a brain of a gossipy office employee. As entertaining as Liv was during the hour, we did get some big developments with Major’s (Robert Buckley) storyline along with some healing after that huge break-up between Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Peyton (Aly Michalka). We get to see the aftermath of that as we follow Peyton as she struggles with her feelings for Blaine (David Anders). Ravi is in a grieving state as well after ending things with Peyton. All in all, there was plenty of drama to go around that didn’t involve Liv.

The episode gave a lot of material for Major to work with. We saw the return of Natalie after all this time with Major searching for her. Just last season, we all thought the worse happened to her, but it looks like more trouble has followed her return. Major ends up giving her the serum in order to save her life. It was a big sacrifice on his part since it is the only thing that would keep him alive. At the same time, at least we get to know for sure if the cure actually works. Major went through some changes on this show, going from the nice boy next door to a zombie killer. Now it seems he has once again went into a transition to a hero as he does what he can to save the zombie population.

We saw Blaine take the cure and nothing has happened so far. That may seem to work in Peyton’s favor after the two seemed to have hooked up. This would’ve been a perfect way for Peyton to discover herself after having some bad experiences in her dating life, but having her going back to Blaine makes no sense at all and diverts her from doing just that. Liv brought on a good point that Peyton doesn’t really know which side she belongs on. Knowing all the pain that Blaine has inflicted on her friends, it looks like Peyton is hoping that the serum doesn’t bring back those memories. It was bad on her part to forget all that he has done.

It’s completely understandable that Peyton only sees Blaine as this kind soul behind his demeaning personality. However, he also happens to be a killer so hasn’t that crossed Peyton’s mind after hooking up with him? It doesn’t seem like Peyton is putting her friends first and doesn’t seem that much concerned for the zombie population considering that Liv falls into that category.

Even Ravi is facing that same problem and we don’t get enough emotion from him in the episode. The guy just messed things up with what could’ve been the love of his life, but he doesn’t seem to care as much. It does remind you that Ravi did put this on himself after pushing Peyton away into the arms of Blaine. At least Ravi brought up the fact that Blaine has done some bad things. It’s real assuring that the writers haven’t forgotten the Blaine that we used to know when the show first started.

The episode’s case of the week didn’t stand out, but there were some great moments. It turned out to be more of a prank gone bad where most of the co-workers were involved. It almost seemed like you were watching a caper film where all the flashbacks from the point of views of the perpetrators blended together to complete the scene of the crime. It wasn’t one of Liv’s best brains to play with, but it was enough to connect with what was going on in the episode. Sometimes the cases that Liv works on can be the thing that bridges the storylines that each of our characters are involved in.

Overall, ‘Wag The Tongue Slowly’ wasn’t as much of a memorable episode but it did give our attention to Major and Peyton. Despite not receiving any great moments with Peyton, we did witness that she is developing strong feelings for Blaine, making us question if this will last or if Blaine suddenly gets his memories back. Will that all change if Blaine reverts back to his evil self? Major certainly grew on this episode as he becomes the hero that he was meant to be. Character developments seem to be the strong suit on this show, so here’s hoping that iZombie keeps that character-driven drama going for the rest of the season.

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