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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 3, Episode 7: Dirt Nap Time [The CW]

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iZombie: Dirt Nap Time Review

The CWs iZombie: Season 3, Episode 7: ‘Dirt Nap Time’ didn’t relatively capture the energy of the show that it’s had for the past couple of episodes with the many plot developments regarding the cure. The show has chosen to keep the process of getting the cure much longer and made the storyline a little weird in some places.

Of the many brains that Liv (Rose McIver) consumed, the preschool teacher brain may be the worst one the show has conceived. It was like Liv was acting like a child for most of the episode, which was fun for a while until it got really annoying. The writers had so much to work on for this particular personality for Rose, but the brain that was chosen felt like a draft of an unused idea. The victim, Jamie, was somewhat of a complex guy who loved working with children by acted as a Casanova to many of the mothers. It was weird that Liv only tapped on to his playful side than the philanderer that he was. Jamie’s psyche didn’t entirely match up with Liv’s at all in this week’s installment. It was one of the least memorable personalities that Liv has had on the show.

The same can be said with the case as well. Liv wasn’t even that funny with the new brain she inhabited. Much of the case didn’t keep viewers entertained during the hour, but the best moments didn’t come from Liv when she was working on the case. Before consuming the pre-school teacher’s brain, we got to see a side a Liv we haven’t seen before after she found out that the cure was missing. Believing that Blaine (David Anders) may be behind the stolen vials of the cure, Liv was engulfed by rage for what he’s done. We found out last week that Blaine lied to everyone that he had memory loss, so it’s completely understandable what Liv was feeling. This was a chance to cure herself of being a zombie and Liv didn’t even know after thinking about the side effects.

Blaine would’ve been the only choice of who stole the cure, but it seems like he doesn’t have anything to gain from that. David has turned Blaine into someone we can feel sorry for, which completely changes our perspective of the character. His feelings for Peyton (Aly Michalka) felt quite genuine. Perhaps him being human may have changed his sole after being a lifeless scumbag of a zombie for a while. Everyone thinks he’s beyond redemption, but the past few episodes has made us think otherwise. However, seeing Liv punch the living hell out of Blaine was really fulfilling. Blaine clearly saw that one coming after deceiving everyone. Even Don E (Bryce Hodgson) and Blaine’s father are coming after him, yet somehow Blaine comes out alive in any situation.

Meanwhile, the plot does get interesting, as the Dominatrix case becomes part of Peyton’s arc as she is trying to close it. Apparently, there is somebody who wants to shut the case down without going to trial. What could that person possibly gain by having one of the prisoners testifying to commit suicide? Whoever this person is, they won’t rest until the case is closed and gets that memory card. Peyton had this case dead to rights, but now there are even more questions coming out of this and the memory card isn’t even in her possession yet. We can be sure that Peyton will continue to dig deeper into this. She’s already got Ravi (Rahul Kohli) involved in helping her with the case and Liv might also tie into this as well.

With the killer already dead, Peyton is looking to use Liv to get into the murderer’s mind and see what she can get from that. The problem is that the man has a history of mental illness, which can make it more diffiult for Liv once she gets the visions, especially long ones with Ravi using blue juice to preserve the brain. Liv has been through some harsh experiences after being a zombie, so it’s more devastating for Liv after not having the cure.

We also have Major (Robert Buckley) going through some big changes after becoming human again. On the episode, Major told his new friend Justin the truth after saving his life with the cure. After telling him, Major asked Justin to keep it a secret between them two while he still works at Filmore Grave. It’s only a matter of time before someone else finds out. Major can only hold out for so long before he gets exposed. Robert continues to make Major an appealing character on the series. Major just wants to fit in and he feels like joining the zombie army is where his calling is, even though he’s not a zombie anymore.

It soon won’t be a problem once the existence of zombies becomes public after what went down in the end of the hour. The plot point with Harley Johns is starting to build up after the guy gets footage of Justin going all zombie-mode on him. This would cause Major’s new occupation to be in more danger than his time as the Chaos Killer. Filmore Graves has been trying desperately to save the zombie population, but having this video leaked to the whole city will trample all over their plans.

This week’s episode may have felt dull in some places, but it did offer some interesting developments. We got to witness Liv’s vengeful side, which is something we haven’t seen before on the show and hope we get more of. It seems like Peyton also is getting more involved with the show as she dips her toes into the Dominatrix case, putting her more in danger as the rest of the cast. It will be interesting to see how these plot details all tie up in the second half of the season.

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