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TV Review: THE KNICK: Season 1, Episode 3: The Busy Flea [Cinemax]

Clive Owen The Knick The Busy Flea

Cinemax‘s The Knick The Busy Flea TV Show Review. The Knick: Season 1, Episode 3: The Busy Flea is the latest installment from the new Cinemax series…and we have now completely settled in. We have pulled the covers up and are now mindlessly grabbing at the popcorn bowl. The writers have our rapt attention as they expertly unpack this bag of intensity that is the Knickerbocker hospital at the dawn of a new era.

In this episode, Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen) was visited by old flame Abigail Alford (Jennifer Ferrin). It was clear that at one time this flame burned strong. Sadly she was in desperate need of help, her visage was hidden behind an archaic device to disguise what was missing…her nose, due to syphilis. He explained that she needed a skin grafting surgery and was about to refer her to another surgeon. She begged that he do the surgery, and by the end of the scene he conceded. [John Thackery is played brilliantly by Clive Owen….mysterious and deliberate.]

Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) continued his downward spiral. His wife made a visit to his office, where she pushed him for some cash, which he clearly has a deficit of. He begrudgingly “paid” her…giving us a perfect understanding of their relationship. Before leaving she made mention of some pearl earrings she couldn’t find. He blamed the maid. Later, in a positively uncomfortable scene, the earrings showed up…as a gift for the extremely young prostitute that Barrow is courting.

Now that Dr. Algernon Edwards (Andre Holland) underground black hospital was burgeoning, he needed help. It was brilliant watching as the doctor enlisted a seamstress to assist with sutures and two coal shovelers were hired as reception and handymen. Things seemed to be clicking along…until a recent hernia patient decided to go back to work before he was instructed and returned to the underground hospital and died. Dr. Edwards instructed his handymen to get rid of the body in a place that his family would be able to find it.

After the death of his patient, Algernon went for a nightcap at the local bar. Annoyed by a sleazy man hitting on a girl next to him, Algernon challenged the man to a fight. In classic Soderbergh style, a fight occurs in a multicolored kaleidoscope…umm, Algernon kicks ass.

Elsewhere, Tom Cleary (Chris Sullivan), the burly ambulence driver, has figured out what Sister Harriet (Cara Seymour) has been doing with her time when not at the hospital’s orphanage…helping women have abortions. [Sister Harriet sees the horrors of orphan life and with all the babies being abandoned at this time…is compelled to help.] Cleary whispered threats and watched from the shadows, but has yet to make a move.

We should soon get to the the surgery that has been teased for the last two episodes. Algernon is the only doctor who knows how to successfully operate in this procedure, but Dr. Everett Gallinger (Eric Johnson)’s racial prejudice may continue to prevent him from leading the surgery. In the last episode, Gallinger and Dr. Bertram Chickering (Michael Angarano) stole Algernon’s published medical journal detailing the operation. The journal was written in French, thus they were no closer to figuring the procedure out. “The Busy Flea” ended with Algernon being told he’d be in the operating theater for the surgery, but only to talk Gallinger through.

They are going to need Algernon…and that’s going to change everything! Excellent story telling. Tuning in with bated breath next week.

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