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TV Review: THE KNICK: Season 1: Episode 5: They Capture the Heat [Cinemax]

Eve Hewson The Knick They Capture the Heat

Cinemax’s The Knick They Capture the Heat TV Show Review. The Knick: Season 1, Episode 5: They Capture the Heat reminded us that medicine was once practiced by barbers…a completely absurd notion to us today. T’was a good thing the tide was changing on this auspicious evening for Bunky Collier (Danny Hoch)’s brother-in-law, as he almost lost a leg. Bunky decided the Knick might provide a more sane approach.

Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) was anxious to be of service to the mobster, in hopes that the assistance would help in his debt and leave him in good standing. He enlisted Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen) to do the surgery on the man’s shot up leg…and Thackery enlisted Algernon Edwards (Andre Holland) to assist. [Finally a bonding moment for these two genius doctors. I have been waiting with bated breath to see how this relationship will unfold.]

The X-ray machine was introduced in the following sequence, with all the regalia of a circus sideshow. Money continued to be a struggle at the Knick, as most of the other hospitals had moved uptown to retain wealthy clientele, and Cornelia Robertson (Juliet Rylance) maintained her personal crusade to keep the Knick in service to the less fortunate.

Thackery pushed for the acquisition of the X-ray machine, as the astonishing benefits far outweighed the cost…and would keep the hospital on the cutting edge. Of course, at this time, they did not know the dangers of the machine.

Tom Cleary (Chris Sullivan) and Sister Harriet (Cara Seymour) continued to forge their new work relationship. [For a non-sexual relationship in television, their chemistry is intriguing.]

Algernon’s basement hospital was in full swing, with a dramatic hernia case…and a successful outcome.

Dr. Everett Gallinger (Eric Johnson) saw that his child was indeed very ill…and did not look good for the infant.

Cornelia and Inspector Jacob Speight (David Fierro) were closing in on the typhoid fever that was spreading all over town…a name “Mallon” was introduced.

I bullet point the last several paragraphs…as the crowning scene of this episode involved Nurse Elkins (Eve Hewson), her blue bicycle and John Thackery. He had never ridden a bike before, Lucy offered to show him how.

She was privy to his withdrawal, she was present to his vulnerability and sickness. She administered cocaine into his penis. This would surely create a bond between most. He struggled a bit, but you could see the levity and joy in his face. “I envy your freedom,” he admitted.

This was a beautiful scene, gorgeously shot…and executed expertly all the way around. It ended with both characters beaming at one another, “You’re a good teacher,” he said. “You’re a good student,” she replied. Totally brilliant.

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