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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 3, Episode 11: Legacy [TNT]

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The Last Ship Legacy Review. The Last Ship: Season 3, Episode 11: Legacy has drastically changed the direction of the show as the nation has crumbled and a new power takes its place. After the big reveal of Allison Shaw (Elizabeth Rohm) being the mole in the White House, she took radical action with the regional leaders and changed the face of the country by dismantling the government and making each region it’s own country. This shocking revelation also affects the Nathan James crew as they are now branded as traitors to the country and going back home will only make things worse for them.

Still willing to save whatever is left of his country, Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and the rest of the crew go into one final battle against President Peng (Fernando Chen) in the heartland of Japan. After finally defeating their foreign enemy of the season, the US Navy ship can head back to America and fight the war at home. With the storyline in Asia coming to a close, the show can actually focus on Allison’s betrayal and save what’s left of their government. As tensions rise between the Chief of Staff and the rest of her colleagues, it will be interesting to see what Tom brings to the table as he faces off against her.

After witnessing how far his country has fallen, Captain Joseph Meylan (Emerson Brooks) comes to an understanding and sides with Tom against the new government. Even though what happened to Joseph’s crew was unforgivable, at least he knows that it wasn’t Tom who got him to this situation but it was Allison’s plan all along. It was one of the big moments in the episode as we see two captains working together in a common cause to save their country.

Another great partnership we got to see was between Kara (Marissa Neitling) and Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson) who makes his return to the show after being absent in the first half of the season. Despite being late to the party, he did explain his predicament to Kara and journalist Jacob Barnes (Devon Gummersall) as he was also on the run from Allison and the regional leaders. After working with regional leader Rebecca Price, he knew the situation in the White House was going to be bad and wanted to help Kara put a stop to Allison’s plans. The team came up with a good plan to save President Howard Oliver (John Cothran) from certain death by his own government. With Tex’s knowledge of the regional leaders’ plan for America’s future and Kara’s experience with working in the White House, the two can finally fix what’s happening in America and give Oliver his presidency back.

However, this rescue mission did come with a cost with Jacob getting the other end of the bullet. Much like what happened to President Michener (Mark Moses), having the journalist murdered and branding him and Oliver as traitors further proves how far Allison is willing to go to get what she wants. Jacob was important enough to help Kara question her loyalties in the White House, so hopefully his death won’t go in vain.

We also had to say goodbye to Takehaya (Hiroyuki Sanada), who finally got his revenge on Peng and can finally rest in piece by letting himself die on his own terms. It was an emotional farewell for the former pirate as he and Tom go their separate ways. Takehaya was a character that was redeemable after what he had done to the crew. After being allies with his former enemies, Takehaya now knows that Tom and his team are on the right side of things and hopes for the best. It was even nice of Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) to give the approval of allowing his ally join in on the fight. That is what we call teamwork!

With The Last Ship down to its final two episodes, Kara and Tom with the rest of the crew are now focused on restoring their country to what it once was. We can expect the team to face some difficult challenges along the way as Allison and the new leaders will surely be going after them. They must act smart and clever if they are going to fight against Allison. Here’s hoping that we get the showdown we deserve between the Nathan James and Allison and her team.

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