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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 3, Episode 5: Minefield [TNT]

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The Last Ship Minefield Review. The Last Ship: Season 3, Episode 5: Minefield showed that finding some equal footing on both sides of enemy lines may not be as easy as it seems. Case in point, President Michener (Mark Moses) tried so hard to calm the situation between the country and their foes in order to prevent a war from happening. However, as he and Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) learn, sometimes you can’t rely on your allies when it comes to securing world peace. The rest of the characters in the episode struggle when their alliances begin to shatter.

So far this season, President Michener thought he had the support of the Regional Leadership Committee as he laudably endeavored to support his people’s rebuilding of their areas. Tom also assumed that with his new partnership with Chinese President Peng, he would be able to travel safely into Asian waters in order to save Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and his crew. President Michener manages to bring each of the leaders from every region together to talk with them about Tom’s rescue mission in Asia, hoping there will be an understanding on the situation. But, the members of the Committee don’t see eye-to-eye with the US President. They tell him that they can’t control what the public thinks, which Michener replies that it is their job to control the citizens’ opinions toward him.

At sea, Tom and his crew set sail towards where Takehaya (Hiroyuki Sanada) is keeping Mike and his team hostage. Once they discover mines underwater blocking their path, however, the crew realizes that their new pact with President Peng won’t help them from what’s coming. Tom and his team are put to the test, as they must come up with a game plan in order to get out of their situation alive. Sasha (Bridget Regan) believes that they won’t be able to make it across, but Tom refuses to turn back and give up after making it this far. Wolf Taylor (Bren Foster) seemed to be the one to go into danger in this episode when he was tasked to defuse the mines. There were times when the crew thought that Wolf wouldn’t make it out alive, but he seems to be the lucky soldier to get out alive.

Back home, Kara (Marissa Neitling) also is facing a dilemma to control what the public should know on the current situation. Kara gets backed in a corner by reporter Jacob Barnes, who is trying to uncover the truth of what’s going on to all of America. These two formed an understanding during the last episode, but their jobs seem to push them against each other. Kara thought that with Jacob’s help, they can pull America in President Michener’s favor. But Jacob starts to show his true colors when he reveals some information from a source on what’s really going on. He gives Kara an ultimatum: Either he gets an interview with the President in 12 hours or he will release the reports to the public.

‘Minefield’ made some big changes with some alliances this season as they all start to shift away from each other. It is as if the Americans and Asians are already looking out for themselves in this new world. Even the characters this season are starting to question their loyalties to one another. A new bond form formed between Tom and Sasha towards the end of the episode when they both kissed, making us wonders where this will be going. With other bonds being broken, the world is on a brink of falling apart, so it will be interesting to see how Tom, Michener, and the rest of the team fix this and manage to pull through.

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