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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 3, Episode 6: Dog Day [TNT]

Adam Baldwin The Last Ship Dog Day

The Last Ship Dog Day Review. The Last Ship: Season 3, Episode 6: Dog Day had Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and the crew of the Nathan James on a rescue mission to save Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and his group, but it cost them some lives in the process. The episode brought the conflict with Takehaya (Hiroyuki Sanada) to a close, but not without a few questions on everyone’s minds. Who stopped the shipment of the cure in Asia? Was it the Chinese or was it someone else? We don’t know yet, but at least most of the guys made it out alive to live another day.

Tom led his team into the island where the pirates were holding Mike and his men captive. The captain was determined to get his men out alive, but not everyone was able to once Takehaya laid his traps for them. Seeing the US Navy defend their crew and their country from foreign threats was what made the series great as a whole, and this week’s episode returned to that part of the action. It really followed what the show was about, which was having our main hero fighting back against those who threaten America’s safety.

Tom really showed his focus in the episode and took charge to defeat his enemies and defend his comrades. Despite Sasha’s (Bridget Regan) warnings on Takehaya, Tom managed to pull through with the information he was given on his enemy and fought back. Even though Tom was determined to face off against his foes to save his friends, Mike just can’t help but feel sorry for Takehaya dealing with his sick wife. Mike tries to break into Takehaya’s humanity to let his team go despite all he’s done to them. But when an enemy refuses to listen to reason, that’s when Mike must change his tactic and think what Tom would do in this situation.

Mike will do anything to help his team escape from harm, so he’s willing to stop his enemy also no matter how sympathetic he feels towards him. That’s what the show excels at, which is showing the conflict from both sides. Even Lt. Cameron Burk (LaMonica Garrett) stepped up during this episode as he made the tough call to shoot the enemy’s camp while his brother Carlton (Jocko Sims) was on the chopper covering his team’s backs. Despite the risky maneuver, it paid off in the end giving the Nathan James the upper hand in the fight.

Once Tom, Sasha, and the rest of the team rescue the hostages, Tom learns from Mike on the treatment that they were given by the pirates. When Tom learns that their blood is curing the pirates of the virus, it gives Tom more of a reason to fight against America’s new enemy. With the team reunited, it seems that the season has finally come together as the Nathan James resume their fight against any threat, either domestic or foreign.

Back home, President Michener (Mark Moses) learns from reporter Jacob (Devon Gummersall) that someone on the council leaked the information on the hostage crisis. Michener now knows that one of the cabinet members is looking to throw him overboard and take over his position as POTUS. The President must now be on the lookout and hope that Tom and his team handle the situation overseas before it gets out of hand back in the states.

‘Dog Day’ has ultimately become one of this season’s finest episodes through some great action sequences. With the Nathan James together at last, the show has returned to its true form as they take on the world together. The season has really taken off as we are only after halfway through and the team must learn more about what they are about to face in the heart of Asia. The Chinese Secret Service’s role in the rescue mission does raise some questions on what’s happening with the cure, which is something that we hope we get answers to for the rest of the season.

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