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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 3, Episode 7: In The Dark [TNT]

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The Last Ship In The Dark Review. The Last Ship: Season 3, Episode 7: In The Dark made some unlikely alliances that helped both sides of the fight when a common enemy is involved. The same point was made when Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and the Nathan James crew received help from war criminal Takehaya (Hiroyuki Sanada) to escape being tailed by the Chinese government. This really proved that the concept of two enemies working together can be impossible to do at a political standpoint but it’s effective in times of war.

After Tom and his men capture and hold Takehaya to await trial back home, the former pirate was willing to make amends for his actions against Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and the rest of the team. At first, it seemed that Takehaya was beyond redemption after what he’s done to the Nathan James crew, but after witnessing the birth of his son on board, he begins to realize that his next set of actions will affect his life as a whole once his son grows up to learn what kind of a man his father is. So when a bunch of Chinese ships start chasing the Nathan James and eye for an attack, Takehaya makes a surprising decision to help Tom and his team evade them to safety. The Navy crew wasn’t familiar with Asian waters, but Takehaya was familiar with navigating through it, so he offered to help the American officers. With the former enemy’s help, Takehaya proved that he still has some humanity left in him.

The pirate navigates the ship through some dangerous territory when they land in an underwater minefield. Since this minefield was by his design, Takehaya persuaded the team to trust him in getting them out safely. To everyone’s surprise, Takehaya was able to get the team out of the minefield and away from the approaching Chinese fleet. After seeing Takehaya’s change of heart, it will be interesting to see if Tom and Mike would ask for some leniency towards the former pirate and his family when they go on trial.

Things did not look so good back in America for President Michener (Mark Moses) as he is getting pressure from the media and the public. Michener goes down into a deep depression once word gets out of his role in getting his son out of the quarantine zone before he took office. Michener’s guilt starts to eat him up after Jacob (Devon Gummersall) gave an interview with the man responsible for Dr. Scott’s death and shows the tape to the POTUS. The reporter even questioned Michener for feeling responsibility for costing thousands of lives who were infected by the viral outbreak.

The leader of the free world then makes a powerful and emotional speech to his fellow Americans. He confessed to letting his son enter the safe zone where the virus quickly spread into the south and apologized for his past actions. Once the Nathan James makes it to safe waters, Tom sends out a message to the White House that the team has Takehaya and is heading back to the US. As Kara (Marissa Neitling) is about to give the good news to the President, but she isn’t given access to his quarters. After some persuasion, she finally manages to get inside Michener’s bedroom. Once she gets inside, Kara shockingly discovers that Michener has committed suicide as the episode closes.

‘In The Dark’ was more of an episode of redemption for both Takehaya and President Michener as both men come to terms with their past mistakes and confront them. While we seem to be getting a much better understanding of Takehaya after this episode, he will be put to the test to see if he’s worthy of being redeemed for his war crimes. With Michener’s death, it will leave a huge impact on the team and the country. The question will be how the country recovers from this and who would willingly carry on the President’s legacy.

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