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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 3, Episode 9: Eutopia [TNT]

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The Last Ship Eutopia Review. The Last Ship: Season 3, Episode 9: Eutopia attempted to deliver some high-octane action and suspense within the hour as the show continues to defy what they can do in the small screen. The show truly succeeded in making this week’s episode a action-packed hour of entertainment as we learned more about what President Peng (Fernando Chen) and the Chinese are planning in Asian while White House staff member Kara (Marissa Neitling) uncovers a conspiracy within the White House. Both sides of the world experienced some big changes, which affects the state of humanity.

In the White House, Kara learns that she must make a choice in who she can trust. However, once she realizes who the real traitors are, it’s too late as the country is on the brink of collapse and affects what happens to the Nathan James. The truth was finally laid out when it was revealed that Chief of Staff Allison Shaw (Elizabeth Rohm) is working with the local leaders from each region to push for a divided nation. This renders new POTUS Howard Oliver (John Cothran) defenseless as Allison threatened him with demands or else she and the leaders would go after his family. It was also hinted that Allison may had something to do with the alleged suicide of President Michener (Mark Moses). This also ineffectively puts the Nathan James crew at risk after what went down at sea.

Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) attempted to learn what the Chinese had planned for them with the nuclear weapons filled with a neurotoxin that stops the cure from working. When Chandler and his team head over to a small island in Vietnam, his team learns that the people there are slaves to the Chinese when they find a hidden factory where the government was using their people to manufacture the missiles. Once Chandler’s team infiltrates the factory, they manage to get the proof they need to get the government to send ships after the Chinese. Using Takehaya’s (Hiroyuki Sanada) knowledge of the Asian sea coast, the crew is able to pinpoint where the Chinese ships are and what they are targeting next. However, what goes down in the latter half of the hour really put the team at a disadvantage.

The Nathan James suddenly gets caught in the crossfire when their own coordinates get sent to the Chinese and end up attacking them by surprise. This meant that a mole within their government has given their location to Peng and attacked them. The battle sequences were something that the show excelled at, and this week’s episode was able to give that same spectacle in a fight that cost some of the team’s lives. When the Nathan James was attacked at sea, it kept viewers on their toes to see who was going to come out alive. With this shift in power over to the regional leaders, it will be interesting to see how this is going to affect the Nathan James.

‘Eutopia’ put The Last Ship into high gear, as the Nathan James crew must now fend for themselves as the government is in a power struggle for control of the country. Both the battle at sea and the big changes in the White House was one of the biggest highlights in the episode as we are only four episodes away from the season finale. After witnessing a great battle sequence, we wonder just how much more fun can the show get. Can they even match the greatness of each action scene? Beyond no doubt, that is something that The Last Ship seems to excel at more than the development and the intriguing storylines.

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