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TV Review: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Season 3, Episode 10: Daddy Darhkest [The CW]

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Legends Of Tomorrow Daddy Darhkest Review

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3, Episode 10: Daddy Darhkest This Legends of Tomorrow Daddy Darhkest review finds that Tuesday night’s midseason premiere is tense at times but humorous for the most part.

Despite its title, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) figures very little into the episode itself, which is definitely for the best as I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Arrowverse fan that feels they’ve had enough of him. It still baffles me as to what exactly the writers like about Darhk aside from the fact that his background and abilities allow them to shoehorn him into virtually any context that they dictate he appear in.

Damien’s daughter Nora (Madeleine Arthur), on the other hand, is an absolute wonder to behold. Albeit, a wonder borne of anxiety-inducing menace thanks to her possession by the demon Mallus. Although the otherworldly monster is portrayed through a gravelly voice-over, Arthur’s body language and facial expressions contribute immensely to the character’s demonic presence. The digitally-realized red eyes also play a part, but there is no denying Arthur’s talent in helping bring the demon to life and unlike her father, I can say that I genuinely look forward to seeing her in future installments of the show.

Considering its dark (no pun intended) subject matter, the program is surprisingly light, if not in content then in tone. Special guest John Constantine (Matt Ryan) proves to be a reliable source of this mirthful tone, as prone to making suggestive overtures to the alternate universe Snart (Wentworth Miller) as he is to exorcising demon-possessed girls. The funniest such moment has to be at the end, well after he and Sara (Caity Lotz) have sex with each other, when she thanks him for “helping with Mallus” and he offers to “help” her again if she never needs it. Out of nowhere, she also thanks him for the “shag”, surprising the normally-smooth Constantine.

Another unexpectedly funny character here is the aforementioned alt-Snart, who corners Sara about Agent Sharpe’s (Jes Macallan) apparent interest in her. After he describes them both as “hot”, she shoots him a look of disgust before he claims to be “gay, not blind.” It’s a clever comment that deftly defuses what could have been a very uncomfortable moment (if not for the audience, then for Sara), and you have to give the show’s writers credit for coming up with not only it but the context necessary for it to work as well.

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