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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot [TNT]

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TNTs Legends Pilot TV Show Review. Legends: Season 1, Episode 1: makes an explosive statement and something tells me TNT’s Wednesday lineup will never be the same. Actor Sean Bean (Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings) is the type of actor who could play a mannequin or a bar of soap and make it very interesting. This show has a very interesting edge to it and is very reminiscent of the Jason Bourne series. With clever writing and a solid lineup of fine actors who can sell it, Legends is off and running.

The first scene introduces Martin Odum (Sean Bean), an FBI agent with a special gift. He can assume any characters identity and literally becomes that character. He is so convincing that he has a hard time becoming himself after he is done. While going deep undercover for over 6 months, Martin assumes the role of Lincoln Dittmann. Dittmann is a character he made up whose life is much like his…with a few variations. The FBI has been trying to take down a terror organization called “Citizens Army of Virginia.” Martin is setup in one of their training facilities and while working to uncover who their leader is, the ATF raids the facility on a weapons charge. He assumes his cover is blown and is pissed.

The next line of business is to establish Martin’s home life or what is left of it. Before he even sees his son, he makes a note of a strange man walking by in an army jacket with a hood. His son, Aiden Odum (Mason Cook) cannot wait to see his father. It has been over 6 months. While father and son catch up, they are interrupted by his ex wife Sonya Odum (Amber Valletta). She arrives and their chemistry tells us they once had a good relationship till his work became his new wife. She is respectful and believable. He hands her a check and she notices he signed his name as one of his characters…Lincoln Dittmann. His uncomfortable smile tells us he didn’t even realize he did it. He is still bringing his work home.

After making a brief visit to his favorite Chinese store where we see Martin can speak fluent Chinese, he notices the Stranger in the hood again. He confirms the man is stalking him. Martin exits into the alley to find the man has disappeared into a sea of people. Before he can get settled into his one bedroom apartment, he gets a call and finds out he is back in business with the terror group “Citizens Army of Virginia.” His informant Russell tells him the character called “The Founding Father” wants to meet with him immediately.

Martin heads into the office and we are introduced to his FBI family. His boss, Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) is a pretty well composed character. He keeps his cool while hearing this terror organization is planning something huge. This man knows Martin has a gift and is the man for the job. Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) barges into his office to find Martin sitting there. She is fuming. Apparently, from her perspective, Martin blew the job that her ATF team did the raid on. She doesn’t feel he is fit to be in the field but Gates does. While in the hallway we find out Martin and Crystal at one point had been intimate. Their chemistry has a tone that could keep things interesting as long as she doesn’t become annoying…or needy.

Martin meets his new tech team headed by Maggie Harris (Tina Majorino), she is young, cute and very impressed with Martin’s legend. Crystal cuts the formalities short and wants to dive into who Martin is going to become so his team can cover his background. Reluctantly, Martin realizes he will have to be a team player on this one. While he goes through his process and tells them about Lincoln Dittmann, we see him actually transform into the character right before their eyes. This is one of the standout scenes in the episode.

While at the subway station, Martin finally confronts the hooded stranger. They scuffle and Martin gets the worse of it. This tortured man has skills. He drops a line on Martin that suggests his whole world is a lie and that he may not even be Martin Odum. This shakes him so hard he takes a security video on a flash drive and asks his tech friend to see if he can find out who the hooded man is.

With the mission in full swing, Martin ends up at a strip club with two of the terrorist lackeys. Crystal has a hunch Russell has been snatched and he may be compromised. This is where things get fun. Crystal gets dolled up as a stripper and Martin gets a lap dance. After some clever shuffling, Martin passes their test but Russell, who is actually with the Founding Father doesn’t. He is killed trying to protect Martin’s identity.

Martin finally meets the Founding Father and is given a police uniform. The plan is he and the Founding Father will drive a car full of C4 into a building and Martin will be the lucky one to die in the explosion. Fortunately the FBI headed by Crystal busts in and shuts them down. After it’s over, Martin takes a walk outside and is haunted by the last words the stranger told him…about who he may not be.

As the episode comes to a close, Martin’s tech finally gains access to the Stranger’s files and is killed before he can read them. Martin ends up trying to meet with the Stranger who wants to give him something. Unfortunately he arrives too late and finds the Stranger fatally injured. Before he expires, he gives Martin a small book that is supposed to explain some of this new twist. Martin takes a ride on the subway…not knowing whom he can trust or who he may really be. This show appears to be the real deal.

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