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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 2: Chemistry [TNT]

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TNTs Legends Chemistry TV Show Review.  Legends: Season 1, Episode 2: Chemistry, cold opens with a clever kidnapping that tests Martin Odum (Sean Bean) and team to the max. What appears to be just another kidnapping ends up being a potential chemical weapon threat that could cause mass casualties.

 When Richard Hubbard (David Menunier) decided to enter the Witness Protection Program, I guess he forgot how serious his role was in the whole affair he hoped to be leaving behind him. Being a chemical weapons engineer for the Russian Army tells us two things. 1. Richard was dealing with some very powerful people (with international connections) who have very little regard for human life. 2. Betraying these people not only places him in danger but any immediate family members as well. At this level of the game, why would Richard be cruising around with his family and assume they wouldn’t still be looking for him? Being in witness protection means laying low…very low.

After watching Martin deal with a terror organization in the last episode and seeing hints he may be having trouble ditching his last legend, a can of worms has been opened up that could prove to be a problem to close. While getting grilled by the FBI shrink, we find out Martin’s mental issues may be more serious than originally thought. Breaking dishes in front of his son and signing in as his last legend are solid signs he may well be slowly unwinding. Technically, he failed the FBI shrink’s tests and shrugged off all of his questionable behavior. With so much at stake, why is Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) willing to allow him back out into the field? Does he know something deeper about Martin that we don’t?

Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) may also need to have a visit with the shrink. In the last episode, she started out hammering Martin because she couldn’t control him. Then during a scene in the motel she suggests she may be falling for him again and told him she was impressed with his way of getting things done. Episode 2, she is right back at one, questioning his ability to do his job. So the new question now becomes, is this going to be the formula at the beginning of every episode? Crystal is starting to feel like a control freak but only when it comes to Martin.

With Richard running out of time, Martin opens up two more cans of worms that may play out over the next few episodes, or even the rest of the series. He decides to get Agent Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) interested in him by asking about the Stranger (Billy Brown) who was stabbed in the subway. Now instead of being a professional and feeding him anything after being questioned about why he is interested, Martin simply exits. As long as his character has been doing this, he should know by not filling in the blanks this agent is going to be curious. This sets Tony Rice on his trail and with Crystal trying to out him, he has two distractions to juggle. He could have easily defused one of them.

After matters escalate and Agent Troy Buchannan (Rob Mayes) is gunned down, Nelson and Martin decide to activate one of Martin’s legends named “Dante Auerback – The Lord of War.” Just mentioning this name raises eyebrows and blood pressure. What’s shocking is Nelson’s decision to allow Martin to go under again so soon and with such high stakes already being introduced. It was only a few scenes back he suggested he needed to take some time off. What’s even more shocking is Martin becoming a character much like Nicolas Cage played in the movie…Lord of War.

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