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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 3: Lords of War [TNT]

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TNT‘s Legends Lords of War TV Show Review. Legends: Season 1, Episode 3: Lords of War, takes off with Martin Odum (Sean Bean) assuming the role of one of his coolest Legends to date…Dante Auerback. Facing a possible spread of a deadly VX gas, Dante shuffles into action and delivers a performance charged with confidence and style.

 Richard Hubbard (David Menunier) apparently doesn’t think his old friends are still dangerous…or it could be he was hit in the head a little too hard in the last episode. Either way, trying to escape these men with his wife and child in tow is a new kind of foolish. By now he has had ample time to see how traumatized his family is. Keep in mind we know he is supposed to make some more bone head moves in the name of trying to get his family to safety. In this particular scenario he is failing miserably. His actions gets his wife clocked in the head and forces Yuri “The Colonel” Medved (Alon Aboutboul) to make a final threat. I’m actually surprised with their history that The Colonel hasn’t already killed one of the family members to show Richard he means business.

 Meanwhile, Dante is making moves to work his way into the Chechen Mob so he can save the day. With time running out we get to see some of the perks Martin has while on the job. Ana Paulanos (Necar Zadegan), a close associate of The Colonel, does her best to screen him before making an introduction. She is much more than just a broker and knows it. Apparently Martin stays in character even while getting to bed the lovely Ana. She is so smitten she decides to introduce him to The Colonel. It’s always nice when a story stays intelligent while moving forward. Before getting the okay to meet The Colonel, Martin knocked off the only other buyer making himself the last man standing. When The Colonel voices to Ana he knew this was going to happen it escalates the tension before Dante and him finally meet.

 With the clock still ticking down, Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) decides to have a face to face with Nelson Gates (Steve Harris). He makes it very clear after presenting his case that he wants to interview Martin. Gates will have none of it. The back and forth is so clever and the undertones so well placed, viewers will pick up slightly different messages from these two fine actors. Rice pressed Gates so hard in their first confrontation it prompts him to make a trip to Rice’s home…for round two. Rice, whose character is arrogant and non-stop, may have met his match storming Gates office like that. Technically, Rice should have really thought about his approach. He sets off a negative confrontation and as clever as he is, he should have known Gates had some powerful allies. He is in the FBI last time we checked. Gates places him in “check” but we get the feeling he is not check mated just yet.

 With the current plot moving along at a good pace, Martin takes a brief moment to visit his ex wife Sonya Odum (Amber Valletta). Fueled by the words left in his head by a dead man, he asks her questions about their past. Their performance in this scene is too brief but we quickly come to see why these two were destined to fail in marriage. Her expression tells us much more than words could while watching her ex husband appear to be struggling to remember key moments in his past. These are the kind of short on screen moments that make this show shine. We still don’t know much about his ex wife. Could she know something more about his past?

 After watching the FBI’s expensive technology at work, Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) takes a team and rescues the Hubbard family. Unfortunately they are too late and the product has been moved. It was a smart choice to not have Crystal going after Martin in this episode. Too much is at stake and had she decided to go there, it would have slowed the episode and inflicted unnecessary damaged to her character.

With the episode coming this close to the end, I was pleasantly surprised with the last twist. The Colonel, while in the beginning stages of his deal with Dante, decides to let him see the product at work. The clincher is he forces him with his armed guard to use an eyedropper on an innocent person. Dante passed their security checks earlier but the Colonel was determined to give him another hurdle. This episode ran right to a very satisfying end and in doing so it raised some new questions for us to ponder. With Martin already close to coming apart at the seams, how much will this new development affect him and where was the rest of the VX gas?

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