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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 4: Betrayal [TNT]

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TNT’s Legends Betrayal TV Show Review. Legends: Season 1, Episode 4: Betrayal is the beginning of the real meat and potatoes of this show. After three solid episodes and getting to watch Martin Odum (Sean Bean) slowly descend down the rabbit hole, it looks like we are about to experience the full strength of the shows writing and character development.

Opening with cold-blooded murder is a sure way to catch the audience’s attention. The deeper thing to note is the affect it had on Martin. When Yuri “The Colonel” Medved (Alon Aboutboul), decided to test Dante’s trust he chose not to look at his response after carrying it out. These types of monsters live on another level. Details are important…even handshakes. This wasn’t a huge issue in the writing but considering the size of what’s at stake, I would think the Colonel would be looking for his reaction as well as his compliance. It does play strong enough to set the damage in on Martin and remove any doubts from the Colonel so the deal can proceed.

It was refreshing to see a scene between Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) and Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) where they deal with an ongoing issue between her and Martin. She is convincing while assuring her boss that she can do her job and get along with Martin. The scene is light but gives us a chance to take a breath before going back into the dark. We also see a lighter side of Nelson. No one wants this mans job.

Richard Hubbard (David Menunier) informs Nelson Gates how much of the VX gas he produced and how many civilians it can kill. This scene is very important because it raises the stakes and describes The Colonel as a bloodless creature. With this being established a mild conflict could arise.

 In a scene that started to play out as a last romp in the hay before goodbye, Ana Paulanos (Necar Zadegan) spills her guts to Dante while in bed. This woman has endured a lot of pain over the course of her life and Dante picks up on it. He feels connected to her on more than a physical level. As we dig deeper into the scene, the emotions that are coming through Martin’s character may actually belong to who the real Martin is. Very clever scene with clues woven in to help press the tale forward. I think Dante is actually developing feelings for Ana.

 Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) is finding out the hard way that some things should be left alone. After following a lead he runs into a homeless man who shatters his theory about Martin’s involvement in a homicide. With this new development it will be interesting to see where Agent Rice goes from here. He has already stuck his neck out with his boss and pissed off Gates. Could he be one of the contributing factors to help Martin find out something about his past?

After successfully playing both Ana and Yuri, Dante and crew take them down. With both players in custody the real games begin. Five liters of VX gas is still outstanding and the FBI agents decide to employ some “Starsky and Hutch” tactics to retrieve them. We established earlier that Yuri has a bottomless abyss on the inside. He has killed a number of innocent people without flinching, so to me he is too sophisticated for this. Ana is also damaged property and has been playing this game with him for sometime. Still, the card is played pitting Yuri against Ana and in the end Yuri catches a bullet. It seemed fitting when you look at his past and the fact that he killed Ana’s mother in brutal fashion. The only problem with this is when you have these kinds of duplicitous characters; they usually are smart enough to see this ploy coming a mile away. It’s a forgivable offense considering the fine acting leading up to this point. Dante’s reaction to Ana following Yuri in death and his small breakdown at the end, suggests things are about to get much more complicated.

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