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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 8: Iconoclast [TNT]

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TNT’s Legends Iconoclast TV Show Review. Legends: Season 1, Episode 8: Iconoclast is the episode we have been waiting for. After failing to protect Prince Abboud (Mido Hamada) and watching Hani Jabril (Christine Adams) get taken away in handcuffs, Martin Odum (Sean Bean) must become Sebastian Egan again. Stakes are higher than before and if he fails this mission…Hani won’t be the only one in cuffs.

This episode started off like an episode of 24. Before the dust could settle, Hani was in cuffs and being carted off. The details of how she was setup were very strong. Even Martin was caught off guard. Having a program installed on her cell phone that was controlled by the flying contraption with the bomb was a solid choice. It really goes to show even though the DCO agents are at the top of their game there are other diabolical individuals who are simply smarter.

It appears that Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) and Martin have buried the hatchet…for now. These two when paired up raise the shows I.Q. a few notches. Watching them break down the details in Aaron Rawley’s (Joshua Close) apartment proves they are a force to be reckoned with. The writing on this episode up to this point was pretty solid. The only weak link was the suicide note left behind. Martin and Agent Rice didn’t buy it and for good reason…It wreaked setup.

One thing I did like about Sebastian Egan this time around was his relationship with Julian Drake (Josh Randall) editor of Joust Magazine. When it was mentioned before that he had been published, it felt like it was just thrown in. This relationship gives this Legend a lot more clout. I also like that fact that besides DCO, Julian is the only one who knows who Sebastian really is. Getting Julian to agree to publish a series of articles to anger Prince Fayeen (Christopher Maher) to the point of him wanting Martin killed, was brilliant.

The showdown in Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) office with Agent Serena Milloy (Alexie Gilmore) was another clever play. On top of the failed mission Agent Milloy arrives with the threat of criminal charges for Martin leaking classified information in his article. Her demeanor suggests there is much more at play and she is only getting started. Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) and gates will have none of it. This showdown really upped the stakes and places Martin in a pressure cooker to get results.

If the failed mission and Agent Milloy threatening criminal charges against Martin isn’t enough, the information Maggie Harris (Tina Majorino) has to share with Crystal is going to make this episode boil over. Maggie has been a busy little geek. Apparently she has been checking out Martin’s files and finds some inconsistencies. This is what good writing is all about. I was wondering when she was going to get curious and she couldn’t have picked a better time. When she tells Crystal if she was going to make a legend for an agent, and that it would look like Martin’s, time stopped for a moment. The show needed some solid conflict and they are really turning up the heat.

With everything else going on someone in DCO is leaking information and Martin is exposed. Prince Fayeen is extremely connected and sparing no expense trying to get Sebastian Egan. With the full team monitoring…Martin is kidnapped and falls off the grid. This scene was so well played and it really made matters much more serious. While his kidnappers try to interrogate him, we find out Martin is really good at what he does. The problem is these men know a lot more about him than he realizes. Having Prince Fayeen’s men go after his family was really the hump that broke the camels back. Now we are left to wonder what kind of creature Martin is going to turn into when he realizes his family is in danger.

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