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TV Review: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Season 2, Episode 10: The Legion of Doom [The CW]

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Legends of Tomorrow The Legion of Doom Review

The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow: Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2, Episode 10: The Legion of Doom gives our villains their fifteen minutes of fame.

In this episode, The Legion of Doom tracks down the clues to the location of the Spear of Destiny. The biggest enemy of the trio doesn’t seem to be the Legends in this episode. The invisible enemy is their inability to work together. Naturally, since Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) stem from various parts of the DC television universe where they bring various forms of bad guy ego.

The episode maps the progression of the three realizing that they need each other in order to attain all three of their goals. Bad guy teamwork is to be commended and possibly even rewarded.

The mix of the bickering bad guys and the squabbling aboard the Waverider is centered around finding Captain Rip Hunter’s (Arthur Darvill) lost consciousness.

Season two has been struggling to find its stride. However, now that Hunter has been returned (more or less) into the mix things have been looking up. At first, it looked like Legends were about to be reunited with their former leader. That was until the Legion of Doom got their hands on him. Now, Rip’s fate is up in the air.

For half the season we have been waiting with bated breath for some insight in what happened to Rip Hunter. But the end of the episode takes a turn. A turn that feels a lot like a spit in the face.

With Rip’s digital mental consciousness in his hands, Thawne takes it upon himself to alter Hunter’s personality traits. The results are apparent in the very last scene as we see Hunter turning a gun on General George Washington.

The Legends appears to be going down a road. A road that could place the Legends in the position to go after their own captain.

There are a few ways this could go down. On the one hand, this could make a great story arc. On the other hand, by turning Captain Rip Hunter into a villain it could easily backfire. The entire point of the Legends exists because of Rip Hunter’s decision. His determination in season one is what made the team gel together. It is what inevitably became the foundation of everything the Legends would stand for.

The entire point of the Legends exists because of Rip Hunter’s decisions in the first season. His determination is what made the team gel together. It also is what gave the characters the passion for being likeable as a team. The Legends seem at their best when they have a focused purpose. Right now, there isn’t much of one.

The one thing that the Legion of Doom has a leg up on the Legends is they are now working in sync with each other. If the Legends hope to get Rip Hunter back from whatever mentally altered state he’s in they’ll have to be as organized as the bad guys.

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