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TV Review: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Season 2, Episode 12: Camelot/3000 [The CW]

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Legends of Tomorrow Camelot/3000 Review

The CW‘s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2, Episode 12: Camelot/3000 finds the Legends scrambling between the very distant future and the legendary past.

This season of Legends of Tomorrow has been trying really hard to hit a stride. But unfortunately Camelot/3000 lacks the necessary bite.

Now that Captain Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) is on the side of evil, the show seems to be working overtime to find scenarios that Rip would fit seamlessly into. The time of legendary King Arthur (Nils Hognestad) being no exception.

The deceitful actions of Rip Hunter seem to have broken the Legends in some ways. In the previous episode Rip nearly killed Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). This almost resulted in Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh) murdering Rip. But lucky for the Legends, Sara who managed to talk Jax out of doing something he would undoubtedly regret.

But at the point where the Legion of Doom’s mind controlled army are about to sack Camelot, the Legends were nearly about to take their piece of the Spear of Destiny and run.

In the scope of the entire season, this moment feels the least Legend-like. But the explanation seems obvious. Sara doesn’t want to stay and fight because she’s scared following their last encounter with Rip. Rip isn’t pulling any punches either. This means the team is more likely than ever to get killed.

If it wasn’t for Ray Palmer’s (Brandon Routh) stubbornness and his need to fulfill his twelve-year-old fascination they probably would have left. But in some ways, Ray’s decision to stay is probably the most Legend moment in the entire episode. His speech to Nate Heywood (Nick Zano) about standing up for what’s right embodies everything that the Legends should and could stand for. The Legends aren’t the kind of heroes that are going to be remembered. But they are heroes who are willing to put their lives on the line.

In some ways, it feels like they forgot their own mission statement. It isn’t till they’re seconds from speeding out of Camelot that the team really takes a step back. They realize they are running away and leaving Camelot’s people to weather the storm of mind controlled knights on their own. Running away isn’t a standard notion that any of the Legends seem to follow.

In the ultimate, “Finally!!” moment Rip Hunter is retrieved by the Legends after the Legion of Doom abandons him after their defeat. But naturally, this does not mean anything good will happen. For some idiotic reason, the Waverider’s AI Gideon seems still loyal to Rip. At the very least, pre-programed to respond to Rip’s wishes regardless of his current evil state.

What are the chances! This no doubt will leave plenty of room for chaos on the Waverider as Rip attempts to steal back the remaining piece of the Sphere.

Camelot/3000 did some interesting work looking at the fallout of Rip nearly murdering Sara. It explored the Legends recentering themselves for the mission at hand it. But the episode felt more like a build up to whatever Rip’s endgame is. And his plan for the last remaining piece of the Spear of Destiny that they possess.

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