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TV Review: THE LIBRARIANS: Season 1, Episode 3: And the Horns of a Dilemma [TNT]

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TNT’s The Librarians And the Horns of a Dilemma TV Show Review. The Librarians: Season 1, Episode 3: And the Horns of a Dilemma, marks the first episode where the new recruits have to handle matters without without the witty Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) watching their every move and preparing them for what is to come.

Episode 3 took a step in the right direction and put the team in a situation where they were forced to handle matters as a team. I always enjoy when Greek Mythology can be woven into a story. This question will keep coming up…did they sell it?

Lets start off with Eve Baird (Rebecca Rominj). Three episodes in and she is still not locked into this role. I think one of the issues is she seems to be confused on how to play this character. This is an hour-long show and there were plenty opportunities to build her character up. One door closes and another opens. We never see that light click in her head that this particular job is where she is supposed to be. We never get that click…I’m still waiting for it and it is needed. Character motivation sets them in place and we follow from there. So now we are in the third episode and Flynn has left her in charge. What we realize without Flynn’s quirky presence is…this show works for him and only for him. None of the other characters on this show can carry it like he can. He has the style down to a science. I have enjoyed Rebecca in the feature film roles she has been in. She’s not an Oscar worthy actress but she does get it done. That said, she still comes off too stiff in this role. The physical comedy is missing and she doesn’t possess the timing. Not to say she cannot get into the groove but if she is going to get going…now is the time. There are some nice attempts between Jenkin’s (John Larroquette) and Eve to play with comedy. John is a veteran with a great sense of timing. In this episode he appeared to be a bit subdued too. Most of these issues have to do with writing and possibly casting.

How did the rest of the team stack up? If you compare this episode to the last, they did much better. Once again this is a department where the show really needs Flynn’s presence. Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) on paper reads like a very interesting character. We got to see him using his abilities to contribute to solving the crisis and there was even a scene with him aiding Cassandra (Lindy Booth). The problem is, like Rebecca, he does not lock into this role. He is not playing his character to the fullest. The witty banter and attitude don’t come across big enough. Flynn’s character is still far more interesting than all of them and they need to be able to carry their own weight on screen. Ezekiel should be the outcast. He’s a thief by trade… clever but still a thief. He still has to remind everyone who he is and that means he hasn’t sold it. Cassandra delivered the best performance as she was put in a position where she had to reestablish trust with the team. The problem is she does have a tumor in her head. That’s a hard thing to joke about especially if you don’t have the comedic timing to make it funny. So when she mentions it…it throws the comedy off. She stepped up this week and it was good but it presented another problem. If Cassandra didn’t have the visual fx when working through problems and the tumor…would she still be interesting? Up to this point I would say she is still under performing. It’s a light show but there is a style and Cassandra’s character is taking herself too serious. By doing so she comes off flat and the scene losses its flow. Jake Stone (Christian Kane) is in the same boat as Ezekiel’s character. We do not believe him because he is not selling the character. They solved the crisis and used their combined abilities but do we care?

The worst scenes in the whole episode involved Jake, Eve and the Minotaur. The interpretation of the monster became a bad joke. When we first see the creature it has hooves and glowing red eyes. For some strange reason, he becomes a biker with red eyes. This takes the show one whole step back. We have already been informed magic has been set free in the world. Play it! We did not need to see them fighting the monster in broad daylight…it killed it. I expected to see them running for their lives in the labyrinth and it turned into something else. A case of another opportunity missed.

If there are more episodes that flow like 3, this show may end up in serious trouble. The formula is set but so far Flynn is the only actor who plays it right. Without him on screen none of the other characters are strong enough to carry it off. Yes, I want to see them go out and solve a mission but we don’t care enough about them at this point. What ends up happening is you may fast forward to the last 10 minuets to catch the formulaic ending and just by pass all the uninteresting performances in the middle. Flynn can save this. He needs to be on he show with them and they need to pick up his style before it’s too late.

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  • Mary E Brewer

    I enjoyed it.. The Minatour doesnt want to be seen out in public so he takes human form is my take on it.. It takes time to develope characters and have the actors grow into their roles.. so i am hoping The Librarians has that chance and has many more seasons.. Jake Stone/ Christian Kane looks great to me..I dont know how i would react to suddenly being thrown into this world of magic that you always assumed was just a myth.. I think they have done a great job on it.. Does there need to be some work done to pull things together better .. yes.. but i am sure that will happen with time! Thanks!

  • Gorni

    Well, I will agree with two of the Character assessments. Rebecca’s role and John’s role. I’m not seeing an expression in Rebbeca’s face at all. I never know when she’s suppose to be serious, sad or angry. Even when she’s in a fight mode there is no selling here.

    John improved in my opinion but was struggling to convince the audiance that he’s intelligently clever. A read good thief would be.

    Lindy on the other hand sold me on her excitement with this episode and the Christmas episode as well. Her sweet aura shows the audiance that she’s an asset to the group when she has powerful information to contribute without altering her innocence.

    I have yet to ever see a bad performance in anything Larroquette has ever been in and this is no exception. His wisdom is needed in this series.

    Last but not least Christian’s character. With his vast knowledge of art and higher than normal intelligence, he and Lindy could carry the show. He’s serious when the conversation requires learning and humorous when he’s in a bit of danger….you would be too if you had to fight off a very bad and powerful entity because you have nothing to loose at that point. An intelligent person would know how to steal, fight (not necessarily with brute force but out wit your opponent) and decifer contraptions and enclosures to obtain artifacts and Stone’s character can already do this. He’s expressive with the scenario at the time and is rather humourous to watch. Kane is the closest character to Flynn’s character. Flynn carried the original Librarian trilogy and Christian could do the same here.

  • Heidi Dobson

    I enjoyed this episode, I like anything with mythology and this was a great twist on the Minotaur/labyrinth myth. To me the characters are getting stronger with each episode. I hope they get a second season to explore more of the characters back stories.

  • Louise Shive

    The Librarians ensemble cast is developing rapport with each other with each episode . I have enjoyed them all so far, yes, even the tattooed human Minotaur. How can you resist Christian Kane, bobbing on the sidewalk preparing for a fight. And whistling at the Minotaur like a dog! Plus the wonderful John Laroquette with his improved inventions.

  • Jamie Crumley

    Personally, I’m loving The Librarians. As far as how Eve is portrayed, I would think someone with her background would be confused about this world she has been thrown into. Her world, prior to this, was very regimented. It was something she understood. Now, her world has been turned upside down and she doesn’t quite know how to deal with it yet. In episode 4, “And Santa’s Midnight Run” starts to see her break down a bit. She hasn’t yet decided to let The Librarians see her change yet, but she is changing.

    I do agree that no one does the ‘hapless librarian’ the way Noah Wyle does, but I think that’s ok. I’m not sure you would really want 4 hapless librarians.

    I do wish we would get to hear more of the backstory for each of them. Parts of that had to be cut out to fit in the allotted time, and it does take a while to fill in all the blanks for 5 characters, basically.

    I do agree with one thing. I’m not seeing the reason the library invited Ezekial.

    I love the effects when Cassandra is having one of her episodes and I think Lindy Booth is doing an excellent job with her character.

    As far as Jacob Stone, I have to plead that this character hits a bit close to home for me, so I may not be able to be objective. I also grew up in Oklahoma in a place where it wasn’t considered a good thing to be smart. And, I knew other people in the same position. For me, I think he’s doing a great job with the role.

    I do wish we got to see more of John Larraquette, but the role of the caretaker tends to be a small one.

    All in all, I’m loving it.

  • Brian Fire

    Thanks for commenting Mary. I am enjoying the show too. I can totally see the whole Minotaur issue. The problem I had with it is the show sells us on a ride that deals with magic and mystical characters. When you see the appearance of a Minotuar in a video game or film, they are a powerful entity…no question. They handled him like he was a rowdy guy in a bar fight. It would have played better if they kept the Minotuar in the maze that way it would still look threatening. The location of a showdown is a big part of the showdown. Little things like that make a lot of difference and can add up if left unchecked. I do hope you are right about them pulling things together. Thanks so much for joining the discussion.

  • Brian Fire

    Great reply Gorni. I noticed the Rebecca issue right away. 5 episodes in and we have seen maybe three expressions from her. I understand who her character is supposed to be but she needs to communicate abetter range of emotion. She is like a robot. I would expect her character to respond to all of this something like Will Smith did in Men in Black.

    I’m on the fence with John. He has been referred to as a bad guy and some other things we are not seeing. Saying the dialogue and actually feeling the character through performance are two different things. When carried out right we don’t question a characters motivation…it’s clear. He needs to push a little harder.

    Lindy was my most improved character in the Santa episode! She is a big asset to the group. I hope they start writing more for her to do. We need to get to know her more. We understand her situation and need to know more about her back story. We were very briefly introduced to her and her tumor and she is more than that.

    Larroquette wasn’t bad, he came off like he was holding back. The man is a comedic genius and is known to steal a scene. I agree he is integral to the team and appears to be pushing the envelope more each episode. He will be fine.

    I’m looking for more from Christian’s character. He is getting it done but he can come out of his comfort zone a little more. All of the new recruits needed to show us something more emotion-wise after the first two episodes. It’s picking up. Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Brian Fire

    I agree they are making strides to get better. I don’t think they should wait to explore the characters back stories. They can weave things in and further develop the new recruits now. Performance wise…we still need to see the feeling of the weight of their situation. We need to see more range from the characters. The situations they face will get more threatening and we need to see those character arcs. I hope they can pull it off. It’s a cute show. Thanks for you comment.

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