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TV Review: THE LIBRARIANS: Season 1, Episode 5: And the Apple of Discord [TNT]

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TNT’s The Librarians And the Apple of Discord TV Show Review. The Librarians: Season 1, Episode 5: And the Apple of Discord promises large scaled dragons, good guys gone bad and the return of Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle).

After watching a very promising trailer, I was under the impression we would see some large scaly fellows ready to do massive damage. To my surprise the dragons never really got to do their dance, which is unfortunate. Instead of what was suggested, we were treated to a bit of a circus. When you suggest there will be dragons, expectations in viewers will lift. So what really happened?

For starters, Flynn decided to return to the team. As soon as he made his entrance he took over the episode. In past reviews I mention the gap missing without his energy and influence on the show. Once he starts speaking and rambling, the funny material rolls nonstop. This opening was solid and things seemed to go a bit downhill from there. I get that none of the characters are going to have the same style as Flynn and that is okay but they must hold their own when he is present. This episode makes it clear he is without a doubt the most interesting character and the team is going to have to step it up to balance things out. Another issue was the chemistry between Flynn and Eve Baird (Rebecca Rominj). Looking back at the first few episodes and seeing their relationship wasn’t really given time to build, I am still having a hard time with the suggestion these two are attracted to one another. She is happy to see him…but why? Eve is basically a babysitter on the show and the official stick-in-the-mud character. The upside to all of this is she must have heard the complaints about her acting. I could see Rebecca really trying to give Eve more life in her scenes. This was a good thing. The question it leaves is what happens when Flynn takes off again?

The meeting at the grown folks table revealed more than a group of visiting characters in costume. Once again Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) was placed in a situation that required quick thinking and someone who could control a room…and grown up acting. We get who he is supposed to be on the show but he is not there yet. Ezekiel still feels like he should be on a high school TV show. He was left with a big job and he didn’t sell it. Even though it’s a light show everything doesn’t have to be so simple and cheesy. We are expected to give him a chance to grow. It’s understood where The Librarians are headed it’s just not clear if they will arrive there. I hope the producers are not banking on getting more seasons to fix the character development issues. These characters need to be able to hold their own ground now…not later. We can still watch them grow but they need to be interesting on the way there.

Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) had a very interesting challenge in this episode. Once she got her turn the hold the apple, she went through a character reversal. Evil Cassandra took over. To be honest, it was an interesting break from her normal duties. Her delivery of dialogue while being evil Cassandra was not as strong as when she plays herself. Actually every character that held the apple just felt like they were over acting. I guess this was another way to generate more comedy in the episode. If that was the intention, I guess it worked.

Lamia (Lesly-Ann Brandt) and Dulaque (Matt Frewer) both make an appearance on this episode. The most interesting thing about their visit this time, was the hint that Dulaque and Jenkins (John Larroquette) have a secret past. I can;t wait to see this playout. Larroquette manages to be funny and keep his scenes interesting…Just one of the benefits of being a TV Show veteran.

In the end, after not seeing any dragons and watching the over acted switcheroo with the characters, the episode managed to be entertaining…with a small e. I think the producers are banking on a little grace from folks who watched the movies. The thing is, there is the potential to nab a broader audience that hasn’t seen the movies.

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