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TV Review: LUCIFER: Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot [Fox, NYCC 2015]

Tom Ellis Lucifer Pilot

Fox’s Lucifer Pilot TV Review from NYCC 2015. Lucifer, Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot is a very funny show despite it’s dark content. With Fox attempting to adapt another DC property, the network is trying to recreate the same chemistry done on Sleepy Hollow and it works. The Lord of Hell has been interpreted on screen many times, but this one may be the first one that cares for people even though he brings the darkness in people. Tom Ellis brings the character to life with his open and brutally honest personality in Lucifer. There is no doubt in our minds that Lucifer is a devilish character who can seem like a douche most of the time, but he doesn’t care and so do we. As soon as we see the first opening minutes of the pilot, we already love this character.

Based off of Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth’s comic book series Lucifer, the basic premise pretty much stays the same with one difference. Lucifer Morningstar leaves his throne in Hell for the lavish streets of Los Angeles where he opens a piano bar called the Lux. However, the Devil soon gets involved in a murder investigation when a musician whom he helped jumpstart her career, gets shot by an assailant. Investigating the murder is Detective Chloe Dance (Lauren German), who catches the eye of Lucifer after failing to use his power of persuasion on her. The episode becomes a police procedural, which becomes the driving force of the show.

Even though Lucifer treats humanity with cold-heartedness and takes the fun in exposing their deepest darkest secrets, solving the death of his dear friend Delilah becomes a personal vendetta for him. But not everyone is happy with Lucifer’s new prospect on life. Angel Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is sent from God to bring Lucifer back to Hell where he belongs. Amenadiel tries to force Lucifer to come back, but the fallen angel doesn’t grow any concern over the state of Hell. It looks like these two brothers may end up going to war if Amenadiel doesn’t have his way.

Even Lucifer’s Lilin ally Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) isn’t too happy with Lucifer’s sudden interest in humanity, especially Chloe’s resistance to his charms. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if the two people in Lucifer’s life ends up working together to bring him down to Hell on his throne.

The chemistry between Lucifer and his supporting characters like Chloe was plain, but Lucifer’s one-liners are what keep the show going. It’s genuinely funny with its clever script and the creative direction by the team. The performance by the cast was great, especially Tom Ellis who fits the bill to play someone as dashing and daring as Lucifer. His performance was enjoyable to watch and his deliveries were flawless. Lucifer’s interactions with the characters is the highlight of the pilot, which is what may grab viewers after seeing the first episode.

Lucifer definitely sets itself apart from the more serious tone of other shows and stays away from going too dramatic. Tom Ellis gives a knock out performance in what looks like one of the stand out shows that Fox has this season. We will be eagerly awaiting what happens next for Lucifer once it airs the rest of the season early next year.

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