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TV Review: MISFITS: Season 5, Episode 4 [Channel 4]

Joseph Gilgun Misfits Season 5 Episode 4

Channel 4‘s Misfits 5.4 TV Show Review. Misfits: Season 5, Episode 4 marked the halfway point of the show’s farewell season. Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) awoke to his daily life in shambles, due to Rudy “Too” having gone missing. Rudy declared it an emancipation, despite having grown dependent on Rudy “Too” for things like laundry and groceries. When an elderly man stumbled across the group, and was identified as Rudy “Too,” Rudy had to figure out who aged Rudy “Too.” That, and what do with an aged Rudy “Too,” in the meantime.

Rudy, being Rudy, thought the whole thing a royal pain, with Rudy “Elder” being a bigger drag than Rudy “Too.” Jess (Karla Crome), being Jess, was having none of Rudy “Younger’s” callous abusiveness. Abbey (Natasha O’Keeffe) mentioned the powers support group, which gave them a lead. Between Jess’ revulsion at his treatment of Rudy “Elder,” and his own need to find someone to blame, Rudy set out with Abby and Finn (Nathan McMullen) to back-track Rudy “Too’s” trail. This led from the powers support group, to Rudy “Too’s” time helping individual members, like Maggie (Ruth Sheen) and Gamer Tim (Matt Cross).

As infuriating as it was for Rudy to learn just what Rudy “Too” and his peers thought of him, he did develop a begrudging appreciation for Rudy “Too’s” good nature. Of course, getting back on Jess’ good side might have had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, the others were learning about the show’s new talent pool. Finn turned a conversation with Stuart (Oliver Lansley), a support member cursed with a queer take on teleportation, into a revenge scheme for a previous slight by Alex (Matt Stokoe). Abbey, on the other hand, instantly sympathized with the Tortoise. More to the point, she felt for Mark: the man trapped as a Tortoise. She took him back with her to keep in her locker.

Both Stuart and Abbey turned to Alex for his particular “gift.” He dismissed Stuart’s case for the prank it was, while Abbey’s request, on Mark’s behalf, was too ridiculous to even consider. Abbey did, however, manage to impress upon him the real difference his power could make. Alex reached out to Stuart. While it wasn’t made entirely clear whether Alex “helped” him or not, the Tortoise remained firmly in the “no” column.

Sexual and gender identity issues have become a Misfits fixture. Mark’s semi-formal introduction promised a return of the only touched upon subject of species identity. That, or lunacy… or bloodshed… maybe both.

The subject of the Rudy “Too” “future sweater of proper heroes” came up. Jess noticed that there was one less figure in the design than there was in their group. Rudy dismissed it as an oversight due to Finn’s lack of height. In hindsight, Jess’ observation might have been that of a blind man addressing the Elephant in the room. A freak heart attack, by Rudy “Elder,” caught the attention of nearby electrician, Helen (Ellie Kendrick). Acting as a Human defibrillator, she saved Rudy “Elder” and made a quick exit. Two down for team “proper heroes.”

The close call left Rudy “Younger” shaken. Unable to restore “Elder’s” youth, and faced with his imminent death, “Younger” and Jess decided to let him pass his remaining time in the comfort of a retirement home. There, “Younger” figures out the real culprit – and not a moment too soon. In addition to all of his other good deeds, Rudy “Too” had been visiting a resident of that home named Len. Len had the ability to swap ages, and Rudy “Too” had been granting him some furlough time as a younger man. Once he seized the opportunity to romance his favorite nurse, Naomi (Riann Steele), however, young Len (Kyle Redmond-Jones) decided to keep Rudy “Too’s” youth. Fearing for his future with Naomi, Len was in the process of smothering “Elder” when “Younger” brought the whole affair to a close.

Long time fans may have found this particular development familiar. Back in 1.2, Nathan (Robert Sheehan) had an affair with a young caretaker volunteer who tuned out to be a senior citizen temporarily youthened by the Storm. When the effect wore off, his reaction was less than considerate – likely due to having stared mortality in the face (ironically, it would turn out).

Rudy’s problem may have had more to do with him being a near total wank, but it did make him (and Jess) mindful of Human frailty, precious memory and, above all, loss. Fear of loss (succumbing to old age, to some degree, but primarily concerning his young love) motivated Len’s actions, and a better understanding of this likely allowed Rudy to forgive him as Rudy “Too” did. In any case, the ordeal not only seemed to bring the Rudys together, but brought Rudy and Jess closer to each other. Nothing like facing death to bring people together.

Just as well, that. Even as Rudy “Too” made Sam (Michael Winder) aware of his possible place on her “sweater of proper heroes,” Maggie was divining a new sweater. This one depicted three bloodied corpses in orange jumpsuits. I thought their characteristics looked familiar enough, but I hesitate to make any public predictions. Well, beyond the fact that another culling of the cast may be due.

As the halfway point of the final season, I suppose 5.4 could be considered an attempt to honor the show’s beginnings, even as it braces viewers for its end. That would be my euphemism for the recycled element of the plot, anyways. The theme of mortality, while subtly applied (beyond Alex’s reminder that they killed people. Frequently), was well served. Big things are coming; big things that will include death and loss. It is to the credit of a show like Misfits that such can be expected, while the hows and whys remain anyone’s guess.

For what it’s worth (likely, not much), I blame Mark. With the guests still arriving, and no butler in sight, I declare that the Tortoise did it.

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