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TV Review: MR. ROBOT: Season 2, Episode 5: eps2.3logic-b0mb.hc [USA Network]

Portia Doubleday Mr Robot

USA Network‘s Mr. Robot eps2.3logic-b0mb.hc TV Show Review. Mr. Robot: Season 2, Episode 5: eps2.3logic-b0mb.hc leaves viewers asking just the right amount of questions to make them want to tune in for the next episode.

Although, like the previous installment of the program, it continues to emphasize the interaction between its different characters, last Wednesday’s show seemed to being trying to incorporate more action like that featured in the season’s first few episodes. As the story moves along, the action increases in proportion to the tension: the first third of the episode revolves around significant-but-mostly verbal exchanges such as that between Angela (Portia Doubleday) and Darlene (Carly Chaikin) regarding whether the former will resume her activities on behalf of the f society, the second adds subtle elements of suspense like forcing Elliot (Rami Malek) and Ray’s (Craig Robinson) former IT specialist to bounce tech jargon off each other while carrying out their real conversation via computer notepad in order to keep the heavy watching them from catching on to what’s really being said, and the last third depicts Dom DiPierro (Grace Gummer) and her fellow FBI agents being struck by gunfire from a masked assailant after they expand their investigation to China.

The final attack on DiPierro and her colleagues is especially strong in the wake of previous scenes involving them. While her superiors are on their best behavior for their hosts, DiPierro’s bold request that the Chinese turn over all information pertaining to the Dark Army earns the interest (or is it suspicion?) of Minister of State Security Zhang (B.D. Wong). Audiences, of course, will recognize Zhang as Whiterose, the show-stealing head of the organization which DiPierro is tasked with fighting. As the minister shows his guest around his suite, Dom and the audience find themselves pondering a number of questions. What are the chances of Zhang owning an impressive clock collection that includes one just like the clock her parents owned? Why does he have a closet full of dresses said to belong to his sister when he was in fact a single child (though regular watchers of the show will know why)? Was he the one who ordered the attack on DiPierro and her fellow agents? It could go any number of ways in the next episode of Mr. Robot.

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