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TV Review: THE NIGHT MANAGER: Season 1, Episode 4 [AMC]

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AMC’s The Night Manager Episode 4 TV Show Review. The Night Manager: Episode 4 had our resident spy Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) going into the dark side as the line between good and evil starts to blur. This week’s episode was just as nail biting as the last three, which says a lot about the quality of the show. We were a little worried that this week’s installment wasn’t going to be as engaging as the last few, but the show proved us wrong as these latest developments has totally changed the roles of our main players in an instant.

We know that Pine has been part of this undercover operation for a while, but he soon takes it too far when he is forced to pull out of the mission. Rather than following his handler Angela Burr’s (Olivia Colman) orders, Pine goes behind her back and warns Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) that the authorities are on his tail. By the end of the episode, Pine has already switched sides with the enemy, or has he? There may be the possibility that he thinks he can still trap Roper, but it doesn’t appear that Burr believes he can do it. To make matters worse, Pine has also started an affair with Roper’s girlfriend Jed (Elizabeth Debicki).

This further complicates things for Pine, as he has already gotten comfortable with his new family. It doesn’t look like Pine is ready to tear himself away from this group of people just yet. Pine has already started becoming a part of Roper’s arms dealing business as what Roper like’s to call ‘a straw man.’ With Pine starting a love affair with Jed, Angela grows concerned that he has blown his cover by contacting her. Our hero has suddenly turned into a bad guy after disobeying Angela’s orders to abort the mission. It will be interesting to see the fallout of Pine’s betrayal as Angela has a lot of pressure from her subordinates as they find out about her off-the-books operation.

Even Major Corcoran (Tom Hollander) has gone off the rails after making a scene at Roper’s dinner party. Everyone is enamored by Pine, much to the dismay of Corcoran. It looks like Corcoran has already started losing his place inn Roper’s group after embarrassing everyone. Hollander has done a fantastic job in his performance during this episode showing how his character has fallen into despair after Pine’s introduction. Pine seems to love the new position he has and the recognition he’s getting with it. By the way, did anyone catch John Le Carre’s cameo during that dinner scene?

We also learn more about Angela’s reason behind her vendetta against Roper. After Pine betrays her, Angela is already furious with what Pine has done and has jeopardize the mission and her career. Olivia Colman truly delivered one of the best performances on the show so far after breaking down and revealing why she hates Roper so much. It was horrifying to learn about the tragedy that hit Burr when she witnessed 112 children killed at the UN due to sarin gas that Roper supplied to a terrorist organization. It makes us wonder how Angela is going to take down Roper, so it will be exciting to see how that showdown takes place.

This week’s episode took the series to a whole other level as some of our characters started showing their true colors. With Pine already gone to the dark side after betraying Burr, Corcoran going off the deep end, and learning more about Angela’s reasoning behind his hatred for Roper, the series is already heading into another direction. This just proves that anything can happen on this show, keeping us on the edge of our seats when it comes to pass.

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